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2017届高考英语一轮复习考点专项演练:Section 10 名词性从句(全国通用)

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Section 10 名词性从句

1.(2016·浙江高考)I made up my mind I would find out________ was good in my present situation.
2.(2016·浙江高考)College is________you meet your bridesmaids,neighbors,and potential bosses.
3.(2016·江苏高考)It is often the case ________anything is possible for those who hang on to hope.
4.(2016·天津高考)The manager put forward a suggestion  ________  we should have an assistant.There is too much work to do.
5.(2016·北京高考)Your support is important to our work.________you can do helps.
6.(2016·北京高考)The most pleasant thing of the rainy season is ________one can be entirely dust.
7.(2016·四川高考)Dreaming about whether you would want to read minds,see through walls,or have superhuman strength may sound silly,but it actually gets to the heart of  ________ really matters in your life.
8.(2016·全国Ⅰ)We now realize ________ important family is and how important to be near them, especially when you’re raising children.
9.(2016·全国Ⅱ)Members leave books on park benches and buses, in train stations and coffee shops.________ finds their book will go to the site and record where they found it.
10.(2016·全国Ⅱ)The journey was intended to achieve more than ________Captain Robert Falcon Scott had done.
11.(2016·四川)Scientists are still not exactly sure ________genes influence aging, but they believe that they do.

1.(2015·江苏高考)________ Li Bai, a great Chinese poet, was born is known to the public, but some won’t accept it.
2.(2015·湖南高考)You have to know ________ you’re going if you are to plan the best way of getting there.
3.(2015·北京高考)I truly believe ________ beauty comes from within.
4.(2015·北京高考)________ we understand things has a lot to do with what we feel.
5.(2015·浙江高考)If you swim in a river or lake, be sure to investigate ________ is below the water surface.Often there are rocks or branches hidden in the water.
6.(2015·重庆高考)We must find out ________ Karl is coming, so we can book a room for him.
7.(2015·陕西高考)Reading her biography, I was lost in admiration for ________Doris Lessing had achieved in literature.
8.(2015·四川高考)The exhibition tells us ________ we should do something to stop air pollution.
9.(2015·安徽高考)A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not ________ ships are built for.
10.(2015·福建高考)—I wonder ________ Mary has kept her figure after all these years.
—By working out every day.
11.(2014·山东高考)It is difficult for us to imagine ________ life was like for slaves in the ancient world.
12.(2014·重庆高考)—Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday?
—Yeah,but I have no idea ________ he did it;that’s one of his favorite universities.
13.(2014·浙江高考)“Every time you eat a sweet,drink green tea.”This is ________ my mother used to tell me.
14.(2014·陕西高考)________ the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather.
15.(2014·四川高考)Grandma pointed to the hospital and said,“That’s ______ I was born.”
16.(2014·大纲卷)Exactly ________ the potato was introduced into Europe is uncertain,but it was probably around 1565.
17.(2014·北京高考)The best moment for the football star was ________ he scored the winning goal.
18.(2014·北京高考)Some people believe ________ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future.
19.(2014·天津高考)I think ________ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses.
20.(2014·福建高考)Pick yourself up.Courage is doing ________ you’re afraid to do.
21.(2014·湖南高考)As John Lennon once said,life is ________ happens to you while you are busy making other plans.
22.(2014·江苏高考)—What a mess!You are always so lazy!
—I’m not to blame,mum.I am ________ you have made me.

1.(2016·浙江温州高三五校考试)I think the doctor is able to cure of ________ is called a suspect.
2.(2016·山东青岛期中)The traveler lost his way in the woods,and ________ made things worse was that it was getting dark.
3.(2016·浙江温州中学期中)You are saying that everyone should be equal,and this is ________ I disagree.
4.(2016·浙江杭州外国语学校期中)People all over the world have a dream ________ they will always live a peaceful life.
5.(2016·浙江温州中学一模)________ cleans your windows doesn’t make a good job of it,for there is so much dust on them.
6.(2016·江西吉水二模)The young couple was having an argument about ________ turn it was to do the cooking.
7.(2016·天津七校联考)—It’s my treat today.Is there anything particular you would like to have?
— ________ you choose is fine with me.
8.(2016·大连三中期末)________ you do will be right because you are a wise and responsible man.
9.(2016·浙江六市六校联盟模拟)The teachers in the school are very kind.It doesn’t matter ________ you have studied there for a short or a long time.
10.(2016·南昌五月冲刺)The bride and groom gave ________ attended their wedding some gifts to share their happiness.
11.(2016·辽宁锦州期末)The man’s innocence was disbelieved until evidence came to light ________ he was trapped by a group who had committed the murder.
12.(2016·山东烟台一模)Now all of our concentration is on ________ it is that the global environment will return to normal.
13.(2016·北京昌平统考二)How did it come about ________ a quiet person should appear so wild today?
14.(2016·天津红桥区一模)________ a girl put her card into a machine outside a bank in London on January 19,1968 means the world’s first ATM was born.
15.(2016·合肥168中学最后一卷)We have offered him the position,but I don’t have the slightest idea ________ he will accept it.
16.(2016·福建龙岩一级达标学校联盟联考)China is developing fast.That’s ________ I think those of my colleagues who deal with China affairs should visit China.
17.(2016·山东威海一模)________ you are on good terms with your classmates will affect your mood.
18.(2016·西安五校一模)The expert’s argument ________ the increasing number of cars is the main cause of the rising PM 2.5 readings has got much support from the public.
19.(2016·景德镇质检二)This still leaves the question of ________ local public services should be improved in the next five years.
20.(2016·湖南益阳一中等三校联考)Tony eventually realized his childhood dream________he could play on one of the top teams.
21.(2016·汕头金山中学期中)Let’s see ________starting off with a good fifteen-minute training of the smile muscles helped me during the day.
22.(2016·揭阳市二模)Although he was a great genius, he suffered greatly.Some say that his madness was________he paid for his art.
23.(2016·汕头市金山中学期中)Other vitamins are not made in the body. No one knows exactly________all vitamins work.
24.(2016·珠海摸底)The man begged the angel to speak to God to see________he might break the rules.
25.(2016·北京顺义一模)I still don’t know ________she’s planning to come to my birthday party or not.
26.(2016·东北三校二模)Please hold on to________you are strong and try to improve the weak subjects.
27.(2016·福建漳州七校联考)I wonder________it is that there are so many natural disasters across the world in 2010.
28.(2016·安徽江南十校联考)—It’s my treat today.Is there anything particular you would like to have?
—________you choose is fine with me.
29.(2016·浙江绍兴一中期中)What is concerning us greatly is________the workers held up in that area yesterday will be set free.
30.(2016·河北唐山一中期中)The practical suggestion came from the representatives ________the new rule be adopted.
31.(2016·北京东城期中)Faced with difficulties, you should believe your confidence is ________makes a difference.
32.(2016·陕西西北工大附高六模)Sarah hopes to become a friend of ________shares her interests.
33.(2016·浙江高考最后冲刺卷)Is there any possibility________we can see each other again after we part today?
34.(2016·河南开封二模)After having checked all the windows and doors were closed and________all the lights were turned off,the teacher left the classroom.
35.(2016·四川乐山一中三模)________the new underground is available has not been made clear yet.
36.(2016·山东高考仿真冲刺)—I rang you at about nine,but there was no reply.
—Oh, that was probably________I was seeing the doctor.
37.(2016·山东青岛一模)The problem is ________we can improve our reading skills in such a short time.
38.(2016·江苏苏州调研)You should be grateful to your employees, because you wouldn’t be________you are now without them.
39.(2016·北京人大附中教学检测)Nobody would stand out admitting the fact, for some reason,________they lost the game.
40.(2016·北京朝阳一模)It is hard to imagine ________makes a top-level athlete.
41.(2016·江苏东台市时堰一模)It is known to us________it takes many years to gain the skills of an expert.
42.(2016·北京丰台二模)You should consider carefully ________the car you want to buy is worth the money.
43.(2016·山东师大附中五模)—It is not clear whether or how Sandy has influenced the vote.
—That’s________I don’t agree.Obviously, the storm was in Obama’s favor.
44.(2016·天津蓟县二中一模)Regulations require________needs special diets inform the cooking manager in advance.
45.(2016·浙江二次提优模拟)There is no possibility________you could finish the work on time because it’s so difficult.
46.(2016·江苏四市三模)When I saw the beautifully decorated house,I really wondered________she could manage that all by herself.
47.(2016·浙江绍兴教学质量调测)Many of the creatures in Rowling’s world are not real,and much of ________happens is strange.
48.(2016·山东仿真五模)As many as ten courses are provided,and you are free to choose________suits you best.

1.(2015·浙江重点中学适应性测试一)After leaving office in 1999, Nelson Mandela didn’t stop doing ________he thought was right.
2.(2015·四川成都高新区月考)In my opinion,________matters is whether we can win together as a team instead of individuals.
3.(2015·安徽安庆望江中学月考)Now my hometown is not at all________a traveler who visited it ten years ago can expect.
4.(2015·湖南长沙一中月考)________he  misunderstood my position on the question is obvious from his remarks.
5.(2015·江苏启东中学月考一)After ________seemed a hopeless wait, four coal-miners trapped in the mine for 125 hours were finally rescued in Heilongjiang Province.
6.(2015·天津一中月考)The limits of a person’s intelligence, generally speaking,are fixed at birth,but ________ he reaches these limits will depend on his environment.
7.(2015·湖南师大附中月考)It suddenly occurred to me ________ I hadn’t locked my door.
8.(2015·安徽马鞍山质检)It is often said that home is ________the heart is and now part of my heart is with my new classmates.
9.(2015·江西五校联考一)—I need to put a cross on the map to show________that famous hotel is.
—Why bother?Mary’s done it already.
10.(2015·福建宁德5月质检)He set out for a remote village for________he hoped would be a peaceful retirement.
11.(2015·合肥二模)This still leaves the question of________local public services should be improved in the next five years.
12.(2015·陕西西安中学月考)It is obvious________the local government can do to protect the environment for the next generations.
13.(2015·湖南师大附中月考)________we can have clean drinking water lies in________effective measures will be taken by the government about water pollution.
14.(2015·浙江温州十校联考)Liao Fan, a Chinese actor,finally got to know________real success tastes like when he won the prize for Best Actor at the 64th Berlin film  festival.
15.(2015·重庆一中期中)A heated debate was set off by his proposal at the meeting yesterday over________it is practical in our area.
16.(2015·山西太原五中月考)Even more upsetting was the fact ________ the driver didn’t stop afterward.
17.(2015·黑龙江双鸭山一中月考)But,from ________ I’ve heard,perhaps he worked too hard.
18.(2015·黑龙江双鸭山一中月考)Well,there is a rumor going around ________ the head of the Department is leaving.
19.(2015·云南玉溪一中月考)The easiest way to do this is to make a simple list of ________ it means to be respectful at school.
20.(2015·甘肃兰州一中月考)There is a new market near my house.My mother often goes there and buys ________we need for our meals.
21.(2015·河北衡水中学月考)The pandas are very dear to human beings.So people have been doing ________ they take to save them.
22.(2015·山西大学附中月考)To tell the truth,________ you do rather than what you say matters.
23.(2015·辽宁东北育才中学月考)What the government cares about most is ________ action they are going to take.
24.(2015·河北邯郸市一模)We’ve got to remember this group wants to look at how the Internet is being used in the classroom.That’s ________they are coming for.
25.(2015·甘肃民乐一中诊断)Her smile just melted me and almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of ________ life is all about.
26.(2015·宁夏大学附属中学一模)Therefore,it is advisable ________ you should value and treat them with care.
27.(2015·广东湛江一中综合检测一)When the other frogs saw ________ a deep pit it was,they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.
28.(2015·广东汕头一模)Then they had to know ________ stories could be told without words,using only gestures and expressions.
29.(2015·贵州六校联盟联考二)His teacher got the idea that he had no ability in arithmetic,and told his parents ________ she thought in order that they would not expect too much of him.
30.(2015·黑龙江哈三中一模)Jack:I usually surf the net,read news...Maybe I can find a girlfriend online like a fairy tale.
David:Well,I see.That’s________ you are so stuck to it.
31.(2015·贵州铜仁一中模拟)After all,with the help of my electronic brain that never forgets anything,using my intelligence is ________ I’m all about!
32.(2015·云南师大附中月考)It suddenly occurred to me ________ I had to attend an important  meeting in Shanghai the next day.
33.(2015·山西康杰中学月考)The organizers promise ________wins the first prize a chance to go abroad.
34.(2015·河南新乡一中月考)What has not yet been announced is ________ the English contest will be held.I guess it may be held in the hall.
35.(2015·山西师大附中模拟)Henry Ford was always interested in ________ things worked.
36.(2015·广东肇庆二模)So when he saw it for the first time,he didn’t understand ________ it was.
37.(2015·广东中山市模拟)Another advantage of shopping online is that you can also read the book reviews as well as readers’ reviews to get an idea ________ the book is worth buying.
38.(2015·广东五校联考二)Now,researchers in California have designed ________ could be a harmless trigger to date:shining near-infrared light (NIR,近红外线) on the drug in the capsule.
39.(2015·广东百所高中联考)We’re not exactly sure ________ we were doing it.Part of it was to test ourselves;to see if we could face the challenges.
Section 10 名词性从句
1.what 句意:我决心我要找出我现在处境的好处。考查宾语从句。宾语从句缺少主语,所以用what。]
2.where 句意:大学就是你能遇到伴娘,邻居,以及潜在老板的地方。考查表语从句。从句缺少地点状语,用where。]
3.that 考查主语从句的引导词。句意:通常情况下,对于那些坚持希望的人来说,一切皆有可能。本句中的it为形式主语,真正的主语为后面的名词性从句,从句结构完整,不缺成分,故要用that引导。]
4.that 句意:经理提出一个建议,我们应该有个助手。有太多的工作要做。考查同位语从句。同位语从句说明suggestion的内容,而且从句成分和意思完整,所以用that 引导,that 不作成分,只起引导的作用。]
5.What 6.that 7.what
8.how 考查宾语从句的连接词。根据后面的how important可以看出此处也是填how。]
9.Whoever 考查名词性主句中的主语从句。句意:无论是谁发现了他们的书,都去那儿,并记录下他们是在哪儿发现的书。]
10.what 考查名词性从句,引导词在从句中做had done的宾语,故用what。]
11.how 句意:科学家仍然不确定基因是如何影响人的年龄的,但是他们相信会影响。用how最为贴切。]
1.Where 句意:李白,一个伟大的中国诗人,其出生地是众所周知的,但也有一些人不接受它。从句where Li Bai was born作该句子的主语。]
2.where 句意:如果你要计划到达某地的最佳路线,你必须首先知道你想要去哪?where引导宾语从句,在从句中用作地点状语。]
3.that 句意:我真的相信美来自人的内心。宾语从句意思完整只缺连接词,故用that。]
4.How 句意:我们怎样理解事物与我们所感觉到的东西有很大关系。分析句子结构可知“________ what we understand things”为主语从句,结合句意可知要用how。]
5.what 句意:如果你在河里或湖里游泳的话,务必调查清楚水面之下有什么。水中经常隐藏着石头或树枝。根据后面rocks and branches可知,此处要用what来引导。]
6.when 句意:我们必须知道他什么时候来,以便我们能给他预定房间。根据后面的so we can book a room for him可知这里指时间,故用when引导。]
7.what 句意:读了多丽丝·莱辛的传记,我很钦佩她在文学上获得的成就。介词for后是宾语从句,从句中缺少achieve的宾语,故用what引导。]
8.why 句意:这个展览告诉我们,我们为什么要努力阻止空气污染。宾语从句缺少状语,根据意义应用why。]
9.what 句意:船停放在海港里是很安全的,但这并非建造船的目的。is后跟从句作表语,表语从句中的for后缺少宾语,用what引导,what与for连用,表示目的。what在句中既作连接词又作从句的中for的宾语。]
10.how 句意:——我想知道玛丽这些年是如何保持那么好的身材。——通过每天锻炼。根据回答by doing可知是问的方式,故用how。]
11.what 句意:我们很难想象古代奴隶们的生活是什么样子的。根据分析可知在该空引导的宾语从句中介词like后面缺少宾语且设空处表示“事物”,所以填what,用来引导宾语从句。]
12.why 句意:——迈克昨天拒绝了耶鲁大学给他的录取机会,这是真的吗?——是的,但是我不知道他为什么会这样做,那可是他最喜欢的大学之一。根据句意填why。why引导同位语从句。]
13.what 句意:“每当你吃一颗糖果的时候,喝点绿茶”。这就是我的妈妈过去常常告诉我的话。在系动词is之后是表语从句,在从句中缺少tell的直接宾语,所以答案用连接代词what。]
14.When 句意:被延迟的航班什么时候起飞很大程度上取决于天气。根据题意,表示何时起飞,答案用连接副词When。]
15.where 句意:祖母指着医院并且说道:“那就是我出生的地方”。在系动词is之后接的是表语从句,在从句中因为采用了被动结构was born,结合上文的hospital可以看出,只有在从句中加上地点状语才符合句意,答案用where。]
16.when 句意:土豆被引入欧洲的确切时间不能确定,但很可能是1565年左右。分析句子结构可知,设空处为主语从句的引导词,从around 1565判断,这里指时间,故填when。]
17.when 句意:对于这个足球明星来说最美好的时刻就是他踢进决胜球的时候。根据设空处前面的“The best moment”可知表语从句中缺少时间状语,故填when。]
18.whatever 句意:一些人认为无论以前发生过的事情还是现在正在发生的事情都会在将来重复出现。通过分析可知“________ has happened before or is happening now”作believe后的宾语从句的主语,根据句意和成分分析,本空应填whatever(任何……的事情)来引导主语从句。]
19.what 句意:我认为他的画使我印象深刻的是他对色彩的使用。根据分析可知在主语从句________impresses me about his painting中,所缺的词作主语且表示“物”,所以填what。]
20.what 句意:振作起来。勇气就是做你不敢做的事情。在这个从句中,doing是及物动词,在后面接的是宾语从句,而从句中不定式to do缺少逻辑宾语,所以用连接代词what。]
21.what 句意:正如约翰·列侬以前所说,生活就是当你忙于制定其他计划时所发生的事情。所填词引导表语从句,引导词作从句的主语,指物,用what。]
22.what 句意:真是糟糕透了!你总是这么懒!我不应该被谴责,妈妈。是你造成我这个样子的。在系动词am之后是表语从句,在从句中缺少made的宾语补足语,表示“……的情况/样子”,用连接代词what。]
1.whatever whatever具备两个意思,其一是no matter what,引导让步状语从句;其二是anything that,引导名词性从句,在本题中,whatever引导的是一个宾语从句,whatever 在这个宾语从句中被用作主语。]
2.what 主语从句 ________ made things worse 缺少主语,应用what引导。]
3.where 考查宾语从句。disagree是不及物动词,不缺宾语,不能填代词。句意:这就是我不赞同的地方。缺地点状语。]
4.that 考查同位语从句。句意:全世界的人们都有一个梦想,即总是过和平的生活。 ________ they will always live a peaceful life为同位语从句,作a dream 的同位语,该从句不缺少任何成分。]
5.Whoever 句意:无论是谁擦你的窗户,都干不好这个工作,因为窗户上有太多的灰尘。分析句子结构可知,空处引导主语从句,故用whoever。whoever=no matter who,但no matter who不能引导主语从句。]
6.whose 考查宾语从句。句意:这对夫妇正在争论该轮到谁做饭了。whose引导名词性从句作介词about的宾语,whose在宾语从句中作定语。]
7.Whatever 考查主语从句。句意:——今天我请客。你有什么特别想吃的吗?——你选择的任何东西对我来说都可以。 ________ you choose为主语从句,whatever等于anything that,意为:……的任何东西。]
8.Whatever 句意:无论你做什么事都是正确的,因为你是一位有智慧且负责的人。分析句子结构可知,空处引导一个主语从句,在从句中作宾语,再结合句意可知此处应用Whatever。]
9.whether 考查主语从句。句意:这个学校的老师非常友好,你在那里学习的时间是短还是长都没有关系。根据连词or就很容易判断出这里是whether...or“是……还是……”结构。]
10.whoever 句意:新郎和新娘给任何一个参加他们婚礼的人发礼物以分享他们的幸福。分析句子成分可知,“ ________ attended their wedding”是宾语从句,从句中缺少主语,故用whoever。]
11.that 考查名词性从句。that引导的同位语从句,修饰抽象名词evidence。]
12.when 考查名词性从句宾语从句的引导词。句意:现在我们的注意力都集中在地球环境何时回归到正常状态上。空后介词on的宾语从句,宾语从句又用的是强调句型。强调句型特殊疑问句的结构为:特殊疑问词+is/was+it+that+不被强调的部分。由于题干中的强调句作宾语从句,应用陈述语序。该句中缺少时间状语,也就是缺少被强调的部分。]
13.that 考查主语从句的用法。句意:一个安静的人今天竟然如此疯狂,这是怎么产生的?It是形式主语,that引导的主语从句,在从句中不作成分,仅起连接作用。]
14.That 考查主语从句的用法。句意: 1968年的1月19日在伦敦一个小女孩将她的卡片放入一所银行外面的机器意味着世界上第一台ATM机的诞生。that引导主语从句,没任何意义,仅起引导作用。]
15.whether 句意:我们给他提供了这个职位,但是我一点儿都不知道他是否会接受这个职位。根据“I don’t have the slightest idea”可知,此处表示不确定,且连词在从句中不充当成分,故用whether表示“是否”。if也可表示“是否”但一般不引导同位语从句。]
16.why 考查表语从句。句意:中国在飞速发展,这就是我为什么认为我的那些跟中国打交道的同事应该访问中国。根据句意可知,应用why引导表语从句。]
17.Whether 考查主语从句。句意:你与同学相处得是否融洽会影响到你的情绪。此处为主语从句,if表示“是否”时不引导主语从句,根据句意故用whether。]
18.that 考查同位语从句。此处为同位语从句,解释说明argument的内容,因从句中不缺少成分,且句意完整,故用that。]
19.how 句意:这还留下一个问题,那就是,在接下来的五年里如何改进当地的公共服务。本空需要连词引导宾语从句作介词of的宾语,连词在从句中作方式状语,因此用连接副词how引导这个从句。]
20.that 句意:托尼最后实现了他童年的梦想,可以在顶级的球队里打球。抽象名词dream后面是同位语从句,说明dream的具体内容,同位语从句中that不作成分,没有意义,只是起连接的作用。]
21.how 句意:让我们看看每天开始十五分钟的微笑训练对我有什么好处。根据语境可知要用how。]
22.what 这里what引导表语从句,它在从句中作宾语。]
23.how 这里指没有人知道维他命是如何起作用的。how如何。]
24.if/whether 句意:那个人乞求天使让她给上帝说说能否破了这个规矩。这里if/whether“是否”引导的是宾语从句,它们只起连接的作用,在句中不作成分。]
25.whether 句意:我还不知道她是否计划参加我的生日聚会。know后面接的是宾语从句,和or not连用的是whether,表示“是否”,所以答案为whether。]
26.where 句意:请保持强项,同时尽量提升弱势学科。考查宾语从句。where在从句中作状语。]
27.why 句意:我想知道在2010年全世界为什么会发生这么多自然灾害。分析句子结构可知此处是强调句型的特殊疑问句作宾语从句,应该用陈述语序,结构为“疑问词+it+is+that+其他”,答案为why。]
28.Whatever 句意:今天我请客。你有什么特别想要的东西吗?你选什么都行。Whatever引导主语从句,作choose的宾语。]
29.when/how/whether 句意:我们非常关心的是昨天被拦劫在那个地区的工人们什么时候/会怎样/是否会被释放。此处缺表语从句的引导词且从句中不缺主要成分,故可用when,how或者whether。]
30.that 句意:来自代表们的切实可行的建议是:这项新规定应该被采纳。分析句子结构可知此处考查同位语从句,说明suggestion的内容,而该从句意思非常完整,所以要用that引导。]
31.what 句意:面对困难的时候,你应该相信你的自信才是能起重要作用的东西。引导词在表语从句中作主语且表示“物”,应该用what引导。]
32.whoever 句意:萨拉希望成为任何能够分享她的兴趣的人的朋友。在介词of之后为宾语从句,在从句中缺少主语,而又要作连接词接从句,表示“无论是谁,任何人”,答案是whoever。]
33.that 句意:我们于今天分开之后还有可能再见到彼此吗?根据句意,句中从句为名词possibility的内容说明,且从句本身无疑问之意,因此答案为that。]
34.that 句意:在检查了所有的窗户和门被关好及所有的灯被关掉后,老师离开了教室。checked后面接并列的宾语从句,第一个that可以省略,但第二个that不能省略。]
35.When 句意:新的地铁什么时候使用还不明确呢。在主语从句中,主、系、表结构完整,根据句意,用连接副词,答案为When。]
36.when 句意:我在大约九点钟的时候给你打电话,可没有回复。哦,那可能是我在看病的时候。根据第一个人所说的话,答案是针对“九点钟”这个时间来解释的,所以在选择表语从句的连接词时,根据上下文的意思,答案用when。]
37.how 句意:问题是我们如何在这么短的时间内提升阅读技能。考查表语从句。根据句意填how。]
38.where 句意:你应该感激你的雇员,因为没有他们你达不到现在的成就。考查表语从句。where you are now你现在所处的地位或成就等。]
39.that 句意:没有人站出来承认基于某种原因他们输了比赛的事实。...they lost the game在句子中作the fact的同位语从句,从句结构完整。]
40.what 句意:难以想象是什么造就出一个顶级的运动员。在动词imagine后要接动词的宾语从句,而在从句中又缺少主语,what在从句中作主语。]
41.that 句意:要花费很多年才能获得专家的技能,这是众所周知的。这里It是形式主语,that引导的从句是真正的主语,连接词在从句中不作任何成分,只起到连接的作用,答案为that。]
42. whether 句意:你应该认真考虑你要买的车是否值那个价钱。consider表示“考虑”,后面要接宾语(从句),根据语意,表示“是否”,答案用whether。]
43.where 句意:飓风桑迪是否或怎样影响到投票还不清楚。那就是我不同意的地方。很明显,暴风雨给奥巴马帮了忙。在系动词之后是表语,故本从句为表语从句,在从句中,谓语动词为agree,为不及物动词,根据题意表示“……之处”,应该用连接副词where。]
44.whoever 句意:规定要求无论是谁需要特别的饮食都要提前通知主厨。require后面是宾语从句,从句中缺少主语,所以用whoever。]
45.that 句意:你不可能按时完成这项工作,因为它是如此的难。名词possibility后面的从句是同位语从句,来解释其内容。而从句中句法结构完整,所以答案用连接词that。]
46.how 句意:当我看到装潢得如此漂亮的房子时,我真想知道她何以能独自一人做到那一点。空格处表示方式,故答案用how。]
47.what 句意:在Rowling(所描写的)世界里很多生物都是虚拟的,而且大多数所发生的事也很奇怪。此空后有两个谓语部分happens和is,可见介词of后的宾语从句里面还含有一个主语从句,该主语从句缺少主语,故答案用what。]
48.whichever 句意:多达十门课程被提供,你可以随便选择任何最适合你的。动词choose后面接的是宾语从句,从句中缺少主语,所以只能用连接代词,而题的前半部分已经说有“十门课程”这一范围,所以答案用whichever。]
1.what 句意:在1999年离任后,纳尔逊·曼德拉没有停止做他认为正确的事情。doing后面是宾语从句,从句缺少主语。而which侧重范围内的选择,而what侧重内容。]
2.what 句意:在我看来,重要的是,是否我们能作为团体夺冠而不是个人取得荣誉。what引导的是主语从句,在主语从句中what作主语。]
3.what 句意:现在我的家乡一点都不是十年前参观它的游客可以想象的。这里is后面是表语从句,表语从句中缺少宾语,用what连接。]
4.That 句意:他误解了我在这个问题上的立场,这从他的言论中显而易见。that在从句中只起连接作用,不做成分。he misunderstood my position on the question不缺主语和宾语,结合句意也不需要状语。]
5.what 从句中缺主语成分所以要用what。]
6.whether 句意:一般来说,一个人智力的限度基本上在出生时就固定了。但是他是否能发挥自己的智力极限将取决于他所处的环境。通过分析,可知这个句子中包含一个主语从句,且引导词在从句中不作任何成分,但有实际意义,表示“是否”,故用whether。]
7.that 句意:我突然想到我没有锁门。固定句型It occurred to sb that...某人突然想起某事,it是形式主语,that从句是真正的主语。]
8.where 句意:人们经常说家是心所在的地方,现在我的一部分心是和新同学在一起的。is 后面是表语从句,表语从句中缺少地点,用where连接。]
9.where 句意:——我需要在地图上做个十字标记,以表明这个饭店的位置。——何苦呢?玛丽已经做好了。show后面跟一个宾语从句,缺少状语,故用where来引导。]
10.what 句意:他动身去一个遥远的山村,以找到一个他所希望的安宁的隐居地。what引导一个名词性从句充当介词for的宾语。在宾语从句里,what充当hope的宾语。]
11.how 句意:这仍留下了这样一个问题,当地的公共服务在接下来的5年里将怎么改进。这里是of后面接的宾语从句,根据句意应该用how。]
12.what 句意:当地政府对于环保所做的有利于下一代的事情是非常明显的。it在句子中作形式主语,动词do缺少宾语。]
13.Whether;what 句意:我们是否拥有清洁的饮用水取决于政府对于水污染问题采取什么样的措施。]
14.what 句意:中国的演员廖凡,在获得64届柏林电影节的最佳男演员的时候才最后了解真正的成功是什么滋味。这里使用了what引导宾语从句,在宾语从句中what作表语。]
15.whether 句意:在昨天会议上,他提出的建议在我们这个地区是否实用引发一场热烈的辩论。]
16.that the fact后面是同位语从句,要用that来引导。]
17.what 从我听说的来看,也许他更努力些。介词from后是what引导的宾语从句,what作动词hear的宾语。]
18.that 有一个谣言说,部门的领导马上就要走了。that引导的是名词rumor的同位语从句。]
19.what 根据句子结构可知,此处为what引导宾语从句,在从句中作动词mean的宾语。]
20.what 我的妈妈经常去那买我们吃饭所需要的东西。what引导宾语从句作动词buy的宾语。]
21.whatever 熊猫对人类来说很宝贵,因此人们一直在做任何需要做的事情来保护它们。whatever引导宾语从句,表示“无论什么”,相当于anything that。]
22.what 说实话,是你所做的而不是你所说的真正起作用。rather than连接的并列主语从句,主语从句均缺宾语,所以用what。]
23.what 政府最关心的是他们将所采取何种行动。what action什么行动。]
24.what 这就是他们为什么而来。what在表语从句中作介词for的宾语,for what相当于why。]
25.what 介词of后为宾语从句,从句中about缺少宾语,故要用what。]
26.that it为形式主语,真正的主语为后面that引导的主语从句。]
27.what saw 后面接的句子是感叹句,用what引导,what a deep pit it was!多深的一个坑啊!]
28.how 由结构可知此处是宾语从句,根据stories could be told without words, using only gestures and expressions.可以判断出,此处指如何去做到这一点。]
29.what “what she thought”她的想法。从句中动词thought缺少宾语,故要用what。]
30.why 我明白了,这就是你坚持上网的原因。that’s why...这就是……的原因。]
31.what 表语从句中about缺少宾语,故要用what引导。]
32.that 我突然想起我明天要去上海参加一个重要的会议。本句中的it是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的that引导的主语从句。it occurs to sb that...某人突然想起某事。]
33.whoever 组织者答应给获得一等奖的人一次出国的机会。whoever引导宾语从句,在从句中作主语,同时又作动词promise的宾语,相当于anyone who,需要特别强调的是who无此用法。]
34.where 没有被宣布的事情是英语竞赛在什么地方举行。本句中的where the English contest will be held是一个表语从句。]
35.how  句意:福特对事物的工作原理感兴趣。work不及物动词,不需要宾语,故要用how。]
36.what 句意:当他第一次看见它的时候,他不知道这是什么。what引导宾语从句,并在从句中作表语。]
37.whether 你可以知道这本书是否值得买。whether是否,if不可引导同位语从句。]
38.what what引导宾语从句,并在宾语从句中作主语。]
39.why 我们不确定为什么这么做。根据后面的Part of it was to test ourselves...可知,此处是原因。]


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