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2017届高考英语一轮复习考点专项演练:Section 9 并列句和状语从句(全国通用)

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Section 9 并列句和状语从句

考点1 并列句
1.(2016·浙江高考) ________ online shopping has changed our life,not all of its effects have been positive.
2.(2016·天津高考)______ the average age of the population increases,there are more and more old people to care for.
3.(2016·四川高考)It was time for her to have a new baby,________ __it was also time for the young panda to be independent.
4.(2016·全国)You probably know who Marie Curie was,________ you may not have heard of Rachel Carson.
5.(2016·全国)The meaning of silence varies among cultural groups.Silences may be thoughtful,________ they may be empty when a person has nothing to say.
考点2 状语从句
6.(2016·天津高考)I learned that  ________ you fall in love with something and do it all the time,you will get better at it.
7.(2016·全国)However,Mexicans may use silence________instructions are given by a person in authority rather than be rude to that person by arguing with him or her.
8.(2016·全国)For example,Let’s number the letters of the alphabet,in order,from 1 to 26.________ we substitute a number for each letter,the message “Meet me” would read “13 5 20 13 5.”
9(2016·江苏高考)________you do,don’t be a bystander.Get involved.

考点1 并列句
1.(2015·北京高考)He is a shy man, ________ he is not afraid of anything or anyone.
2.(2014·北京高考)Some animals carry seeds from one place to another,________ plants can spread to new places.
3.(2014·天津高考)Give me a chance,________ I’ll give you a wonderful surprise.
考点2 状语从句
4.(2015·江苏高考)It is so cold that you can’t go outside ________ fully covered in thick clothes.
5.(2015·湖南高考)________ the job takes a significant amount of time, most students agree that the experience is worth it.
6.(2015·北京高考)You won’t find paper cutting difficult ________ long as you keep practicing it.
7.(2015·北京高考)________ the damage is done, it will take many years for the farmland to recover.
8.(2015·浙江高考)Just ________ a single word can change the meaning of a sentence, a single sentence can change the meaning of a paragraph.
9.(2015·重庆高考)If you miss this chance, it may be years ________ you get another one.
10.(2015·陕西高考)I believe you will have a wonderful time here ________ you get to know everyone else.
11.(2015·四川高考)There is only one more day to go ________ your favorite music group play live.
12.(2015·天津高考)We need to get to the root of the problem ________ we can solve it.
13.(2015·安徽高考)________ scientists have learned a lot about the universe, there is much we still don’t know.
14.(2015·安徽高考)________ he once felt like giving up, he now has the determination to push further and keep on going.
15.(2015·福建高考)________ the students came from different countries, they got along quite well in the summer camp.
16.(2014·陕西高考)No sooner had Mo Yan stepped on the stage ________ the audience broke into thunderous applause.
17.(2014·安徽高考)The meaning of the word“nice”changed a few times ________ it finally came to include the sense“pleasant”.
18.(2014·陕西高考)The young couple,who returned my lost wallet,left ________ I could ask for their names.
19.(2014·四川高考)I’ll be out for some time.________ case anything important happens,call me up immediately.
20.(2014·天津高考)________ you start eating in a healthier way,weight control will become much easier.
21.(2014·浙江高考)Cathy had quit her job when her son was born ________order that  she could stay home and raise her family.
22.(2014·湖南高考)You will never gain success ________ you are fully devoted to your work.
23.(2014·山东高考)I don’t really like the author,________ I have to admit his books are very exciting.
24.(2014·重庆高考)Half an hour later,Lucy still couldn’t get a taxi ______ the bus had dropped her.
25.(2014·北京高考)________ the forest park is far away,a lot of tourists visit it every year.
26.(2014·江苏高考)Lessons can be learned to face the future,________ history cannot be changed.

考点1 并列句
1.(2016·汕头金山中学期中)Give every living soul you meet the best smile you have ever smiled in your life,________see how much better you feel and look.
2.(2016·珠海摸底)So he prayed to God he might be able to take some money with him. An angel heard his pray and appeared.“Sorry,________you can’t take your wealth with you.”
3.(2016·揭阳市二模)A long time ago,artists tried to make their paintings look real like photographs.________later on, art became more about the artist’s own ideas.
4.(2016·广宁县广宁中学期中)He was busy doing his work________heavy rain began to pour down.
5.(2016·天津南开区一模)Schools in the cities are well equipped________those in the countryside are poor.
6.(2016·扬州中学模拟)The agent was about to sign his name to the document________,to our surprise,a stranger broke in to prevent him.
7.(2016·山东威海一模)Thanks for your advice,________this is something I have to figure out myself.
8.(2016·山东威海期中)My partner wants to keep the company small________I’d like to expand it.
9.(2016·南开二模)He told me his story in private,________nobody else knew what had happened to him.
10.(2016·北京丰台二模)Shila doesn’t speak our language,________she seems to understand what we say.
11.(2016·南昌一模)Learning the guitar isn’t difficult,________you have to practice.
12.(2016·湖南考前压题卷)Would you like a cup of coffee________shall we get down to business right away?
13.(2016·天津蓟县邦均中学一模)He found it increasingly difficult to read,________his eyesight was beginning to fail.
14.(2016·北京朝阳一模)I’ve been away for only three years,________I can hardly recognize my hometown.
15.(2016·山东师大附中三模)An adult is unlikely to smile just as a kid,________a kid smiles with his/her eyes, while an adult smiles with his lips alone.
16.(2016·四川成都二模)Don’t hurry me. One more minute,________I will solve this problem.
17.(2016·咸阳四模)I was about to inform you of the sudden change________an unexpected visitor came.
18.(2016·皖南八校二模)She believes you like sports________I suppose you prefer reading.
考点2 状语从句
19.(2016·佛山一中段考)________ it is the first choice of many young travelers,Europe is also seen as a wonderful tourist attraction by many old people.
20.(2016·汕头金山中学期中)You can get respect from others only ________ you respect yourself.
21.(2016·广州执信、广雅、六中三校联考)________ Stephon Marbury is an American,he has become a role model among Beijing basketball fans.
22.(2016·阳东广雅中学月考)Don’t read anyone’s letters or anything he has written ________ he asks you to.
23.(2016·阳东广雅中学月考)We need some more facts and figures ________ we make the final decision.
24.(2016·汕头四中月考)How can you expect to get ahead in your life ________ you even live to yourself from time to time?
25.(2016·珠海摸底)It’ll be only a few days ________ the Spring Festival comes round.
26.(2016·四川“联测促改”二轮测试)Dean refused to join in the game,even  ________ we all did our best to persuade him.
27(2016·浙江“六市六校”联盟模拟)It is said that Chinese people are living for others, ________ the Americans are for themselves.
28.(2016·北京昌平统考二)An anti-corruption campaign has continued  Dec.25,2013 when the Communist Party of China issued a five-year anti-corruption plan.
29.(2016·苏锡常镇四市联考二)You never really understand a person ________ you consider things from his point of view.
30.(2016·山东临沂一模)He hasn’t got any hobbies, ________ you call watching TV a hobby.
31.(2016·江西赣州六校联考)Students’ active performances in class will be the new normal ________ teachers give them more chances.
32.(2016·陕西联考一)________hard she tried, she couldn’t control her feelings when she was told her baby had been found.
33.(2016·山东临沂期中)________there was no clear evidence, most people thought he was guilty.
34.(2016·河南中原名校期中)________hard one may work, one cannot master a foreign language in a year or two.
35.(2016·湖南益阳三模)You can’t camp________you like these days. Many natural areas are now under protection.
36.(2016·成都外国语学校一模)—Where’s that report?
—I brought it to you ________you were in Mr.Black’s office yesterday.
37.(2016·马鞍山一Trust is needed in the whole society, which requires parents to obey their own rules and set a good example________that children can trust them.
38.(2016·陕西西安长安一中一模)________it is hoped that college students should be equipped with the ability to take a good set of notes, this is not always the case.
39.(2016·山东青岛一模)We need some more facts and figures________we make the final decision.
40.(2016·福建东山二中期中)—________you like that latest type of car so much, why not buy it?
—Well, I can’t afford so expensive a car.It is worth 200,000 yuan.
41.(2016·山东淄博一中期中)—Do you have time?I’ve got something to tell you.
—OK,________you make your story short.
42.(2016·安徽江淮十校一联)________left unsolved, the problem of food safety may lead to more serious results.
43.(2016·四川成都七中二诊)The users of this new mobile phone can type in e-mails or long texts easily________they happen to be.
44.(2016·辽宁锦州期末)Any measure of an ad’s performance is entirely pointless________it could be viewed by a person.
45.(2016·辽宁葫芦岛调研)It took what seemed to be years________the actress finally turned up, which made the journalists as well as audiences disappointed and angry.
46.(2016·安徽江南十校联考)—Darling, hand me the new suit.My coat may be a little casual for the lecture.
—Why bother?I think you can go ________you are.
47.(2016·重庆六校联考)________advertisements are of great help, I don’t think we should entirely rely on them.
48.(2016·北京海淀一模)You cannot take back your words________they are out of your mouth.

考点1 并列句
1.(2015·北京昌平统考)Arrive late once more ________you will be fired.
2.(2015·江西赣州六校联考)China is a country with the largest population in the world,________we all know it.
3.(2015·四川广安三诊)Everyone tells me I’m a good speaker,________I really don’t like speaking in public.
4.(2015·内蒙古包钢一中月考)I hate to say this,________they behaved impolitely towards us customers. Could you do something about this?
5.(2015·海南Maybe you are right. But our government allows college graduates to borrow money from banks________maybe some can get money from their parents.
6.(2015·宁夏银川一中月考)All my children were________are now a great joy of my life.
7.(2015·甘肃嘉峪关市一中六模)China produces Oolong, black,green, white,yellow________dark tea.
8.(2015·宁夏大学属中学二模)We have organized sports competitions and we have even made a video,________it isn’t all just enjoyment.
9.(2015·河南濮阳市二模)Nowadays when you turn on the radio, you either hear music, a talk show________news.
10.(2015·黑龙江大庆铁人中学模拟)It sounds too simple,________it is indeed the answer.
11.(2015·宁夏大学附属中学一模)If you want to achieve something________intend to fulfill one of your ambitions, you must work hard, make efforts and get prepared.
考点2 状语从句
12.(2015·安徽安庆望江中学月考)Let’s take a bus or taxi to the park—________you’d prefer to walk.
13.(2015·安徽六校联考一)As young men, we should learn to stand up________we fell.
14.(2015·陕西西安中学期中)As the interview rule goes, you can take some time to think through answers________you make a reply.
15.(2015·浙江温州十校月考一)One can always manage to do more things, no matter________full one’s schedule is in life.
16.(2015·四川成都高新区月考)If you find yourself________no one will help you, please call me.
17.(2015·陕西西工大附中月考)All the photographs in this book,________stated otherwise, date from the 1950s.
18.(2015·重庆巴蜀中学月考)________I could express my thanks to the traveler, he had already disappeared in the rain.
19.(2015·江西五校联考一)I’ll go to the party with you ________you don’t wear those strange trousers.
20.(2015·江苏启东中学月考一)Jose cupped his hands together to cover his mouth for fear________other people would see him cry.
21.(2015·湖南________we admit that there are some problems with the new system, we believe they can be solved.
22.(2015·浙江江山实验中学月考)“Sorry”is the hardest word to say sometimes. Even________you know you’ve done something wrong, or something inappropriate, it takes courage to say sorry.
23.(2015·重庆南开中学三模)I will never forget the park________I spent so many happy hours there with my parents last summer.
24.(2015·广州海珠区摸底)________ we’ll be walking for almost two weeks,I’ll need to buy a large,strong,light backpack in advance to carry my supplies of food and water.
25.(2015·河南师大附中月考)John failed in the exam,________he had prepared a lot for it before.
26.(2015·乌鲁木齐一中月考)________ the merchant faced some problems,he always turned  to his second wife and she would always help him out.
27.(2015·河南洛阳一It will be great ________ you can tell me some information about chopsticks,such as their origin and the materials they are made from.
28.(2015·内蒙古包钢一中月考)Why didn’t you tell me the truth? ________ I booked the ticket,you promised to drive non-stop from Aye to Norwich.
29.(2015·广西南宁三中月考)Mary’s mother doesn’t allow her to go anywhere outside the town ________ another member of the family is along.
30.(2015·黑龙江佳木斯一中三模)________ we persist in this practice,gradually we’ll learn how to express ourselves in English.
31.(2015·贵州遵义四中模拟)Mr.Gates was only 21 years old ________he first helped to set up the company in 1976.
32.(2015·黑龙江大庆一中段考二)________ he practices singing,he will become a singer in the future.
33.(2015·甘肃张掖市诊断三)Only 9 percent of fatal accidents happen ________ a plane is at cruising(平稳行进的) altitude,according to a report by Boeing in August.
34.(2015·贵州六校联盟联考二)________ a person goes at a job with determination and purpose,he may astonish himself as well as others by his ability.
35.(2015·广东揭阳一中、潮州金山中学联考)And yet,________ taxes are not raised,some very popular government programs could be cut.
36.(2015·宁夏银川一中月考)You see ________ I taught kindergarten,I called all the sweet children “cookies”.
37.(2015·黑龙江哈九中月考)Children should be instructed to put things ________ they belong in their early childhood.
38.(2015·云南玉溪一中月考)________ you show respect,you show that you care for other people’s feelings or that you care for belongings,buildings,streets and nature.
39.(2015·河南方城一高模拟)You should e-mail them ________ you want to get in touch with them.
Section 9 并列句和状语从句【高考真题演练】
1.While 句意:尽管网上购物已经改变了我们的生活,但是不是所有的影响都是积极的。While引导让步状语从句,意为“尽管,虽然”。]
2.As 句意:随着人口平均年龄的增长,越来越多的老人要照顾。As 因为,正如,随着。]
3.and 4.but 5.or
6.if 句意:我了解到如果你喜欢上什么事情而且一直做,你会越来越擅长。that后为宾语从句,宾语从句又含有一从句,前后为假设关系,所以用if。]
7.when 8.If 9.Whatever
1.but 句意:虽然他是一个很腼腆的人,但是他不害怕任何人和事。由句意可知前后两句之间为转折关系,故用but。
2.so 句意:一些动物将种子从一个地方带到另外一个地方,因此植物可以传播到新的地方。设空处前后两个分句之间为因果关系,故填并列连词so。]
3.and 句意:给我一次机会,我会给你一个了不起的惊喜的。这是一个“祈使句+and+陈述句”结构,所以本题答案是and。]
4.unless 句意:外面很冷,如果你不穿着厚衣服的话你不能出去。unless 除非, unless you are fully...]
5.While/Although/Though 句意:虽然这项工作花费大量的时间,但是大部分的学生认为这次经历是值得的。while/although/though虽然,符合句意。]
6.as/so 句意:只要你坚持练习剪纸,你就不会觉得剪纸难了。as/so long as只要,符合句意。]
7.Once 句意:一旦造成once一旦,符合句意。]
8.as 句意:正如一个单词可以改变句子的意义一样,一个句子也可以改变一段的意义。just as正如,正像,符合句意。]
9.before 句意:如果你错过这次机会,可能得过好几年你才能再得到机会。before “在……之前”,引导时间状语从句。]
10.once 句意:我相信一旦你在这儿认识了别人之后,你会在这儿有一段美好的时光。根据前后句的意思,可以看出once一旦,符合句意。]
11.before 句意:在你最喜欢的乐队现场演出前,仅仅只有一天的时间了。before在……之前。]
12.before 句意:我们需要找到问题的根源后才能解决它。根据逻辑关系可知,“找到问题的根源”在“解决问题”之前发生。]
13.Though/Although 句意:尽管科学家们对宇宙已经了解很多,但还有许多我们不知道的。根据句意可知该题考查让步状语从although/though。]
14.Where 句意:在他曾经想要放弃的地方,他现在决心更加努力并继续下去。根据句意可知,此处为地点状语从句,故要用where引导。]
15.While/Although/Though 句意:尽管那些学生来自不同的国家,但是他们在夏令营时相处得很好。while/although/though置于句首,也有“尽管”的含义,表示让步。]
16.than no sooner...than...(一……就……)的固定句式,故填than。]
17.before 句意:“nice”这个单词的含义在它最终包含“令人愉快的”含义之前经过了多次变化。根据句意填before。]
18.before 句意:归还了我丢失的钱包的这对年轻夫妇,在我还未来得及询问他before。]
19.In  句意:我要出去一会儿。万一有任何重要的事情发生,请立即给我打电话。根据题意,表示“以防万一”用In case。]
20.Once 句意:一旦你开始以一种更健康的方式吃东西,体重的控制将变得更容易。根据句意,表示“一旦”,用Once。]
21.in 句意:Cathy在她儿子出生时就已经辞去了工in order that引导目的状语从句。]
22.unless 句意:除非你全身心地投入到你的工作中,否则你就不会获得成功。所填词引导条件状语从句,意思是“除非,如果不”,故用unless。]
23.although/though 句意:虽然我不得不承认这位作家的书很令人兴奋,但是我真的不喜欢他。根据句意可知此处表示让步,故填although/though“虽然
24.where 句意:半个小时之后,露西在下公交车的地方仍然打不到出租车。通过分析可知本句缺少引导地点状语从句的连词,所以填where。]
25.Though/Although 句意:尽管森林公园很远,每年还是有很多游客前去游览。根据句意填Though/Although“尽管,虽然”。]
26.though/although 句意:虽然历史不though/although“虽然,尽管”。]
1.and  给每个你遇到的人以微笑,看看你看起来和感觉有多么好,这两句话是并列的,故用and 。]
2.but 对不起,你不能够随身带着钱。sorry后用but表示转折。]
3.But 这里用but表示前后是转折关系。]
4.when 他正忙着他的工作,这时下雨了。并列连词when表示“这时”。]
5.while 句意:城市学校的配备很好,而乡村学校的配备很差。此处的while为连词,表示“而,然而(表示对比)”。]
6.when 句意:代理人刚要在文件上签名,这时让他惊讶的是一个陌生人闯be about to do when...刚要做……这时……,此处的when为并列连词,表示“正在这时”。]
7.but/yet 句意:谢谢您的建议,但这是只有我自己才能解决的事情。根据句意,此处表示转折,所以填but/yet。]
8.while 句意:我的合伙人想把公司保持在一个小的规模而我却想扩大它的规模。空格前后两个分句之间是对比关系,应该用while连接,意为:而,
9.so 句意:他私下里告诉我他的故事,因此没有其他人知道他曾经发生了什么事情。根据句意,前后句之间的关系为逻辑上的因果关系,答案是so。]
10.yet 句意:Shila不会讲我们的语言,可是她似乎理解我们所说的话。由前文的doesn’t speak可以得知下文的表达应该是表示转折。yet表示“然而,可是”。由此可知答案是yet。]
11.but but。]
12.or 句意:你愿意先喝杯咖啡还是我们马上谈正事?根据题意,表示二者择一的情况,答案用并列连词or。]
13.for 句意:他发现阅读越来越困难,因为他的视力正在开始下降。前果后因,所以答案是for。]
14.yet 句意:我仅离开三年,可我几乎认不出我自己的故乡了。由副词only可以得知下yet表示“然而,可是”,由此可知答案是yet。]
15.for 句意:大人不能像孩子那样微笑,因为孩子是在用他/她的眼睛微笑,而大人只是用嘴唇微笑。空格处之后的句子补充说明大人不能像孩子那样笑的原因,应用for。]
16.and 句意:不要催促我。再多等一分钟,我就解决这个问题了。这里用了固定句型:祈使句或名词(短语)+and/or+陈述句,因为是并列关系,故用and。]
17.when 句意:我正要通知你那个突然的变更,这时一个不速之客来访了。固定句式:be about to do sth when...正要做某事,这时……。本句中的when是一个连词,表示意料之外发生的事情。]
18.while 句意:她以为你喜欢运动,而我猜你更喜欢读书。根据题意,前后文的内容形成了对照比较,所以答案是while。]
19.While 考查连词辨while虽然,尽管,引导让步状语从句。句意:虽然欧洲是许多年轻游客的首选,但它也被许多老年人视为旅游胜地。]
20.when 考查状语从句。句意:只有当你尊重你自己时,你才可能得到别人的尊重。应用when引导时间状语从句。]
21.Although 考查状语从句。句意:尽管Stephon Marbury是个美国人,但是他已经成为北京篮球迷们的模范了。as意为“尽管”,在句首时,句子往往用倒装结构;根据语境可知,上下句之间是逻辑上的让步关系,且句
22.unless 句意:不经允许,不要读任何人的信件或他写的任何东西。unless=if...not除非,除非在……情况下。]
23.before 考查状语从句。句意:在我们做出最终的决定之前,我们需要更多的事实和数据。所填词引导时间状语从句,意为“在……之前”。]
24.when 考查状语从句。句意:既然你不时地过着孤独的生活,你怎么能期望在生活中获得成功呢?分析语境可知,空格处前后之间是因果关系when有“既然”之意,可引导原因状语从句,相当于now that/since。]
25.before 句意:再过几天,春节就要到了。此处是句型“It’ll be+一段时间+before...”,意为“再过一段时间就……”。]
26.though 考查状语从句。句意:尽管我们尽全力劝说,但是Dean还是拒绝参加这个游戏。前后两句在逻辑上是转折关系。even though“尽管”,符合句意。]
27.while 考查连词。句意:据说中国人(总是)为别人而活,而美国人为他们自己而活。此处用while表示两者之间的对比。]
28.since 考查since引导的状语从句。句意:一场反腐运动从2013年12月25日中国共产党发布了一个五年的反腐计划之后一直持续到现在。该句是一个since引导的时间状语从句和一个when引导的定语从句的复合句。since引导的状语从句的谓语为延续性动词的现在完成时,则表示动作和状态延续到现在(说话时刻),其表示的时间的起点应从动作发生之时算起。]
29.until 考查状语从句的用法。句意:直到你能从他的观点角度上思考问题你才能真正了解一个人。]
30.unless 考查状语从句。句意:他没有任何爱好,除非你将看电视称为爱好的话。根据主从句之间的关系和连词含义判断,用unless。]
31.once 考查状语从句。句意:一旦老师们给孩子更多的机会,学生们在课堂上的积极表现将成为新的常态。根据主从句之间的关系判断用once。]
32.However 句意:当被告知她的孩子已经被找到了,无论如何他也不能控制住自己的情绪。however修饰后面的副词hard,相当于no matter how引导让步状语从句。]
33.While/Although/Though 句意:尽管没有明确的证据,但大多数人认为他是有罪的。此处从属连词引导让步状语从句,所以填While/Although/Though。]
34.However 句意:hard可知空格处所要表达的意思是“无论/不管多么……”,故填However。]
35.wherever 句意:这些天无论你喜欢在哪里宿营你都不能这样做。很多自然区域现在在保护之中。wherever接地点状语从句。]
36.when 句意:“那份报告在哪里?”“昨天当你在布莱克先生办公室的时候我就拿给你了”。引导时间状语从句,表示“当when。]
37.so 句意:在整个社会都需要信任,这要求父母遵守自己的规则,树立一个好榜样,这样孩子可以信任他们。这里是目的状语,表示“为了,以便”,用so that。]
38.While 句意:虽然大家希望大学生应该有能记一套很好的笔记的能力,但情况经常不是这样的。While可以连接时间状语从句,也可以引导让步状语从句,这里表示“虽然”,答案用While。]
39.before 句意:我们还需要一些事实和数据才能做出最后的决定。根据句意填before。]
40.Since 句意:——既然你那么喜欢那款最新款的汽车,那为什么不买呢?——哦,我买不起那么贵的车。它值20万元呢。根据语境和题干中的why not可知此处应该用Since。]
41.if 句意:——你有时间吗?我有事要告诉你。——好吧,只要你长话短说。根据对话的语境可知此处表达if。]
42.If 句意:如果食品安全问题被任由不解决,就会导致更严重的后果。这是一个状语从句的省略,完整的句子是:If the problem of food safety is left unsolved,...当主从句的主语一致的时候,可以省略从句中的主语和be动词,答案为If。]
43.wherever 句意:这种新手机的用户可以容易地输入电子邮件或长的信息,无论他们在哪里。这wherever=no matter where,故答案为wherever。]
44.unless 句意:如果没人看,广告的任何表现形式都是完全没有意义的。考查条件状语从句。根据句意填unless。]
45.before 句意:似乎用了好几年的时间这位女演员才最终出现,这使得记者和观众既失望又气愤。考查时间状语从句。根据句型it takes some time before...可知填before。]
46.as 句意:——亲爱的,把那套新西服递给我,我的外套对于上课来说也许有点随意。——别麻烦了,我认为你可以就这样去。考查方式状语从句。as you are你现在的样子。]
47.While/Although/Though 句意:虽然广告很有帮助,但是我认为我们不应该完全依赖它们。考查让步状语从句,根据句意得知设空处应填While/Although/Though。]
48.once 句意:一旦你的话脱口而出,你就不能收回它们。根据题意,只有once能表达“一旦”,答案为once。]
1.and  句意:再迟到一次,你就会被解雇。这里使用了固定句型:祈使句+and +简单句。or表示“否则”,不符合语境。]
2.and  句意:中国是世界上人口最多的国家,我们都知道这一点。we all know it.and 。]
3.but 句意:每个人都说我是一个很好的演讲者,但是,我真的不喜欢在公众面前讲话。这里表示转折关系。]
4.but 交际用语I hate to say this,but...。此处为固定表达。]
5.and 我们的政府允许大学毕业生从银行贷款,也可以从父母那里得到资助。前后两个句子之间为顺承关系
6.and 连接并列谓语were和are,从语意上为并列关系,所以用and。]
7.and 此处and连接的是并列宾语。]
8.but 根据前面的sports competitions和a video可知,与“不都是娱乐活动”之间为转折关系,故要用but。]
9.or 现在当你打开收音机,你或听音乐、脱口秀或新either...or...或者……或者……。]
10.but 它听起来太简单,但它真的是答案。根据句意可知前后句子之间是转折关系,故要用but。]
11.or 如果你想要成功或打算实现一个志向……。or或者。]
12.unless 句意:如果不喜欢步行的话,我们坐公交车或者出租车去公园吧!unless除非,如果不。]
13.where 句意:作为年轻人,我们应该学会在摔倒的地方站起来。]
14.before 句意:作为采访的规则,在你做出回答之前,你可以花点时间仔细思考回答内容。根据句意可知是在你做出回答之前。]
15.how 句意:不管日程安排多么满,一个人总能设法完成更多的事情。no matter how=however,修饰形容词或副词。]
16.where 句意:如果你发现自己处于无人帮助的境地,请打电话给我。引导地点状语从句要用where。]
17.unless 句意:这本书所有的插图,除非被特别标注,都源于20世纪50年代。unless除非。]
18.Before 句意:我还没有来得及表达对这个游客的感谢,他已经消失在雨中。由句子的时态可知,express应该发生在disappear之后。所以用before,翻译成“还没有来得及”。]
19.if 句意:如果你不穿这条奇怪的裤子,我会和你一起去参加聚会。两个句子是之间条件关系。]
20.that 句意:乔斯用手捂着嘴以免别人看见他哭泣。此处为目的状语。for fear that唯恐,以免。]
21.While/Although/Though 句意:虽然我们承认新的系统存在一些问题,但是我们相信这是可以解决的。while/although/though 
22.if/though 句意:有时,既使你知道自己做错了,很难说出“对不起”,这是需要勇气的。even if/though即使。]
23.because 句意:因为去年在那个公园与父母共度了美好的时光,所以我永远不会忘记那个公园。根据句意可知两个句子之间是因果关系。]
24.Since 由于我们要走两个星期,所以我们需要提前买一个牢固的而轻的大背since由于。]
25.although/though 约翰考试失败了,尽管他之前做了很多准备工作。前后分句表示转折关系。]
26.When/Whenever 当他遇到问题时/无论何时他一遇到问题,他总是向他的第二个妻子求助而且她总能帮他解决问题。]
27.if 如果你能告诉我们一些关于筷子的信息就太好了,比如它的起源和制作材料。you can tell me some information about chopsticks为条件状语从句。]
28.Before/ When 这里表示在我订票之前或订票时,你许诺中途不停。]
29.unless 玛丽的母亲不允许她去镇外的地方,除非有家里其他人跟着一起。unless除非,引导条件状语从句。]
30.If 如果我们坚持这一行为,逐渐地我们就学会了
31.when 当盖茨先生1976年建立公司时他才21岁。when当……时候。]
32.If 句意:如果他一直练习下去,他就会成为一个歌手。if引导条件状语从句。]
33.when 当飞机平稳飞行时,只有百分之九的严重事故会发生。]
34.If 句意:如if如果,表示假设。]
35.if 如果不提高上缴的税率,那么一些人们喜欢的公共项目就可能被取消。从前后两句话的内容可以判断前句是后句的一种假设情况。]
36.when 表示“当……的时候”,所以用when。]
37.where 在童年早期孩子就应被教育把东西放在它应该在的
38.When 当你表现出尊敬时,你就会关心其他人的感受或关心事物,建筑,街道和自然。此处为时间状语从句。]
39.if 句意:如果你想和他们联系,就应该给他们发电子邮件。此处要用if引导条件状语从句。]

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