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2017届高考英语二轮复习随堂训练:完形填空 1(含解析)

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Shortly after the close of World War I, I learned an invaluable lesson one night in London. When the peace was 1 , Sir Ross Smith 2 the world by flying halfway around the globe in thirty days. No such feat had ever been attempted 3 . 
He was given many honors for this and one night I was 4 a banquet given in Sir Ross’ honor; during the dinner, the man sitting next 5 me told a humorous 6 with the quotation “There’s a divinity(神学)that shapes our ends. ”
The storyteller mentioned that the 7 was from the Bible. He was wrong. I knew it certainly. There couldn’t be the 8 doubt about it. And so, to get a feeling of importance and 9 my advantage, I tried to correct him. He stuck to his belief. “What? From Shakespeare? 10 ! Absurd! That quotation was from the Bible. ”
I was sitting between the storyteller and Frank Gammond who had 11 years to the study of Shakespeare, so the storyteller and I 12 to ask Mr Gammond the question. He listened, 13 me under the table, and 14 said, “Dale, the gentleman is right. It is from the Bible. ”
On our way home that night, I said, “Frank, you knew that quotation was from Shakespeare. ”“Yes, of course, ”he replied. “But we were guests at a happy time. Why 15 you prove to aman he is wrong? Why not let him save his 16 ? Always 17 your sharp angle. ”What he said 18 me a lesson I’ll never forget. I not only had made the storyteller 19 , but had put my friend in an embarrassing 20 . How much better it would have been had I not become argumentative! 
1. A. broken   B. declared   C. made   D. discussed
2. A. surprised			B. worried			C. terrified			D. warned
3. A. early				B. suddenly
C. before				D. sometimes
4. A. holding			B. hosting			C. designing		D. attending
5. A. by				B. at				C. to				D. in
6. A. story				B. joke				C. lie				D. truth
7. A. question			B. conclusion
C. suggestion			D. quotation
8. A. greatest			B. slightest		C. heaviest			D. strongest
9. A. offer				B. hide				C. show			D. develop
10. A. Improper		B. Impolite
C. Impatient			D. Impossible
11. A. devoted			B. contributed
C. objected			D. accustomed
12. A. refused			B. agreed			C. pretended		D. waited
13. A. kicked			B. felt				C. held				D. watched
14. A. so				B. thus				C. then				D. merely
15. A. will				B. can				C. may				D. must
16. A. money			B. face				C. life				D. time
17. A. reach			B. avoid			C. learn			D. make
18. A. taught			B. had				C. kept				D. answered
19. A. unfriendly		B. unimportant
C. unbelievable		D. uncomfortable
20. A. seat				B. point			C. situation		D. post
第一步 读原文 理双线
这是一篇记叙文。在一场宴会上, 作者因一句引语的出处与邻座的宾客产生不同意见, 同行的朋友做出了正确的决策, 作者因此事而吸取教训。
I was attending a banquet given in Sir Ross’ honor→the man sitting next to me told a humorous story  with a quotation→I tried to correct him→The storyteller and I agreed to ask Mr Gammond the question
To get a feeling of importance and show my advantage→What he said taught me a lesson I’ll never forget→How much better it would have been had I not become argumentative
第二步 品原文 析选项
以下题目, 在第一遍阅读时即可选出; 你能写出它们的答案吗? 
3. C; 5. C; 15. D; 19. D
1. 前文提到第一次世界大战结束, 所以此处指宣布和平, 故选B。
2. 后文提到这种壮举以前从没有人尝试过, 所以Ross Smith的壮举令世界惊讶。故选A。
4. 从后文作者的朋友说“我们只是宾客”可见, 作者是出席宴会。故选D。
8. 前一句说“我很确定地知道。”所以不该有一丁点的怀疑。slightest丝毫, 一丁点。故选B。
9. 作者确定地知道引语的出处, 为了引起重视以及展示一下自己的长处, 作者要纠正他。故选C。
10. 根据前面的疑问以及后面的荒谬一词, 可知作者的纠正没被接受, 所以选D。
6. 第三段第一句中的storyteller与本题选项是同源复现词。故选A。
7. 第二段最后一句中的quotation与本题选项是同词复现, 故选D。
11. devote与to搭配, 意为“专心致力于……”。故选A。
12. 两人各执一词, 都同意向一位研究莎士比亚的人寻求答案。故选B。
13. 根据后文可知, 此处作者的朋友给作者暗示, 所以在桌子下面踢作者的脚。故选A。
14. 作者的朋友给作者暗示, 踢了作者的脚, 然后说……, 所以选C。
16. 作为常识, 当面指证一个人的错误会让人感觉“没面子”, 所以“为什么不让他保全面子呢? ”故选B。
17. 根据前面两个问句, 作者的朋友劝作者避免锋芒毕露。故选B。
18. teach sb. a lesson给某人以教训。故选A。
20. 根据句意, 作者不仅让讲故事的人不舒服, 也让朋友处于尴尬的境地。故选C。
  With a heavy heart Sally arrived early on the morning of the auction(拍卖). It was almost a year since her dear grandmother passed away in this house. 1 the family business had failed and left them with heavy debts. So the bank had 2 the family to have an auction sale to repay their debts. 3 the past several weeks, she had managed to save $450 in order to bid(出价)on the 4 that her grandmother liked very much. Surely this would be enough, she had thought. 
Now the 5 moment arrived. Looking around, Sally was surprised to see so many people had 6 . As the auction began, Sally waited. Finally, the time came to bid on the quilt. She held her 7 tightly and listened. The first bid was $45. She was 8 . It was so high. Quickly other people bid and soon the bidding 9 $85. Sally cried out “$ 450! ”For a moment there was silence. Hope 10 her. She glanced again at the quilt, thinking how 11 her grandmother would have been with her at this moment. Just then, from the back, another person shouted “$475! ” She lost her 12 . Suddenly she couldn’t help wondering 13 so many people would be interested in that old, dirty quilt. Finally the quilt was sold for $500 to a complete 14 . 
After the sale, she went to the counter to pay for the few items that were now hers. The woman at the cash desk handed her the quilt. “There must be some 15 . Someone else has got it. ”she said. A hand-written 16 was pinned to the quilt, which 17 : 
Dear Madam, 
I noticed you admiring the quilt. Clearly, it was 18 to you. Please accept this quilt as my 19 . I don’t expect any repayment from you, but do a 20 favor in the future for a stranger who happens to cross your path. 
A stranger
1. A. Naturally        B. Unfortunately
C. Luckily									D. Probably
2. A. hoped   B. waited   C. expected   D. forced
3. A. With				B. At				C. By					D. Over
4. A. house			B. present			C. furniture			D. quilt
5. A. interesting		B. necessary		C. big					D. sad
6. A. turned over							B. turned up
C. turned back								D. turned on
7. A. purse				B. picture			C. book				D. quilt
8. A. glad				B. frightened		C. moved				D. shocked
9. A. rose				B. climbed			C. reached				D. raised
10. A. told				B. helped			C. filled				D. gave
11. A. pleased			B. anxious			C. angry				D. familiar
12. A. thought			B. chance			C. way					D. money
13. A. whether			B. what			C. how					D. why
14. A. relative			B. customer		C. friend				D. stranger
15. A. reason			B. secret			C. mistake				D. fun
16. A. check			B. wallet			C. address				D. note
17. A. read				B. wrote			C. spoke				D. showed
18. A. wonderful		B. basic			C. pretty				D. important
19. A. honor			B. respect			C. gift					D. thank
20. A. particular		B. common		C. major				D. similar
第一步 读原文 理双线
  本篇是记叙文, 首句交代了故事发生的时间、地点、人物等背景, 并且为文章奠定了基调。浏览全文可知, 本文讲述了Sally参加拍卖会的心路历程。
Sally arrived early→the big moment arrived→the time came to bid on the quilt →Sally cried out $450→another person shouted $475→the quilt was sold for $500 →the woman handed her the quilt
with a heavy heart→surprised to see so many people→Sally cried out $450→hope filled her→she lost her chance→There must be some mistake
第二步 品原文 析选项
以下题目, 在第一遍阅读时即可选出; 你能写出它们的答案吗? 1. B; 3. D; 16. D; 17. A; 18. D
2. Sally家做生意失败, 所以银行强迫她家拍卖来还债。故选D。
5. Sally很早就到了拍卖场, 可见她很重视, 所以拍卖开始的时刻就是重要的时刻, 故选C。
7. 参加拍卖必然带钱, 所以她紧紧抓住钱包。故选A。
11. Sally以为她拍到了那床被子, 所以她想象祖母对她会很满意。故选A。
12. 别人出的钱比她带的钱多, 所以她失去了机会。故选B。
15. Sally没拍到被子, 却收到了那床被子, 所以她认为有错误。故选C。
6. Sally惊讶地发现很多人到场, 故选B。
8. 一上来就有人出了45美元, 价格如此高, 所以她很震惊。故选D。
9. 很快竞价从45美元涨到85美元, 故选C。
10. Sally出价450美元, 现场安静了一会, 她以为她的出价是最高的了, 所以充满希望, 故选C。
13. 她想知道为什么那么多人对这床又破又旧的被子感兴趣。故选D。
19. 陌生人拍下这床被子作为礼物送给Sally。故选C。
20. 陌生人拍下这床被子作为礼物送给她, 是一种帮助, 希望她能为其他陌生人做同样的事。故选D。
4. 本文围绕quilt展开, 多次提到, 所以选D。
14. 最后一段stranger与选项中stranger是同词复现, 故选D。

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