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2017届高考北师大版英语二轮复习单元限时规范练:必修5 Unit 15《learning》(含解析)

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 [2016·浙江温州八中检测]You had better learn to be grateful.  If you are grateful, you naturally __1__ yourself up to receive all kinds of blessings and good things in life. You can receive almost everything you want __2__. If you want recovery soon, start by feeling grateful that you are still __3__. If it is more money that you want, start being grateful for whatever __4__ of money you already have.
 You see,  showing gratitude (感恩)  is the key to every __5__ thing in life.  It is the key to successful relationships, it is the key to successful futures and it is the key to __6__ healthier and happier lives.  And this is where the importance of being grateful lies.  __7__, it makes life better.
One of my favorite __8__ is “If you learn to appreciate more of what you already have, you will find yourself having more to appreciate.” Think about that!
Something as __9__ as a “Thank you for being in my life” or “I __10__ having you here with me”, can go a long way. It will make the other person feel good, and __11__ it also will make you feel better!
So maybe your wife is not very __12__ around the house, but she's great at cooking your favorite __13__. Or, maybe your child __14__ milk all over your new shirt right before you walked out  for work, but usually he makes you laugh so much and makes you __15__ the luckiest parent in the world.
I strongly __16__ you to make a promise to yourself for the next week. Decide to __17__ every morning and think of at least 5 things that you are __18__ for. Then say them out loud. You will notice a smile on your face without even __19__.  In 30 days you will feel completely renewed. This is the __20__ of being grateful!
1.A.make  	B.open
 C.stand  	D.take
答案:B'open oneself to receive sth.“放开自己接受某事”。句意:如果你感恩,你自然就会放开自己接受生活中的各种各样的祝福和好事。
2.A.easily  	B.correctly
C.clearly  	D.truly
3.A.alive  	B.lovely
C.lively  	D.living
4.A.number  	B.amount
C.kind  	D.plenty
答案:B'money不可数名词,a large amount of money“许多钱”,whatever修饰名词amount,指金钱的数量。
5.A.terrible  	B.negative
C.confusing  	D.positive
6.A.leading  	B.taking
C.looking  	D.enjoying
答案:D'动词辨析。enjoy healthier and happier lives“享受更健康和更幸福的生活”。A项“领导,导致”;B项“带走”;C项“看”;D项“享受,喜欢”。
7.A.Therefore  	B.Besides
C.In a word  	D.Anyway
8.A.rules  	B.mottos
C.habits  	D.word
9.A.pleasant  	B.wonderful
C.moving  	D.short
10.A.want  	B.look forward to
C.would like  	D.appreciate
11.A.in general  	B.for sure
C.instead of  	D.in addition
12.A.lazy  	B.beautiful
C.organized  	D.careless
答案:C'A项“懒惰的”;B项“美丽的”;C项“有条理的”;D项“粗心的”。be organized around“把……整理地井井有条”。
13.A.dishes  	B.vegetables
C.beef  	D.drinks
14.A.painted  	B.stopped
C.threw  	D.spilled
15.A.feel like  	B.become of
C.act as  	D.look like
16.A.advise  	B.persuade
C.demand  	D.suggest
答案:A'根据句意:我强烈建议你为下周给自己发誓。advise sb. to do sth.“建议某人做某事”;demand和suggest后不用不定式作宾补。persuade sb. to do sth.“劝服某人做某事”,不合题意。
17.A.dress up  	B.make up
C.wake up  	D.get up
答案:C'句意:决定每天早晨醒来至少考虑5件你要感激的事情。根据空后的every morning判断应是“醒来”。A项“打扮”;B项“化妆”;C项“醒来”;D项“起床”。
18.A.concerned  	B.grateful
C.anxious  	D.upset
19.A.pretending  	B.looking
C.smiling  	D.trying
答案:D'句意:你就会注意到你脸上毫不费力的微笑。without even trying“连想都不用想,连试都不用试”。
20.A.power  	B.disadvantage
C.award  	D.consequences
[2016·惠州市二调]Every year, millions of Americans see their personal information leak into the wrong hands. Maybe there's spyware on their computer, or a service they use suffered a security reach, leaving customers at the risk of exposure. Or perhaps their password is easy to guess.
Don't fear: You can easily set up proper defenses. Here's how.
● Clean Your Computer and Smartphone
Before you put new security measures into place, make sure your devices are as spotless as possible. This means installing a good antivirus program and taking the time to clear out any spy — or malware that may have already infected your system. These days, it's also worth it to make sure your phone is safe from viruses. iPhones are less likely to be targeted by spyware, but Android users should download the Lookout app to scan their devices and ensure everything is as it should be.
● Secure Your WiFi
It's fairly easy for potential criminals to gain access to your information if they're able to share your connection — that's why you want to be careful when using public WiFi. Even though you put security measures into place a couple of years ago, it's a good idea to refresh your settings.
● Use passwords
What you've heard is true: Passwords should use a variety of special characters, numerals, letters, and cases when possible. 
● Check the shopping security
Take care when shopping online. Always check the security symbols when using an online site for shopping. If the lock icon encryption (加密)  is not there, do not give out credit details. Also, check that the site is legal — never go to a site from a random e­mail and start shopping online.
Keep a separate credit card just for online shopping. This will make it easier to cancel if something bad does happen and your other credit card for “in real life” can still be used uninfluenced.
Don't store information on any store's website. It may be convenient but it's also a possible loss to you if the site is hacked.
1.This passage is mainly about________.
A.ways of avoiding identity theft
B.tips of freeing computers from viruses
C.measures to ensure network security
D.steps to keep track of passwords
答案:A 主旨大意题。根据文章第二段“Don't fear: You can easily set up proper defenses. Here's how.”可推知答案。
2.To put new security measures into place, we need to ________.
A.clear out everything in the system
B.make a random selection of network
C.get rid of potential spyware
D.refresh the infected system
答案:C 细节理解题。根据“Clean Your Computer and Smartphone”部分中第一句话“...make sure your devices are as spotless as possible.”可知。
3.According to the passage, the risk of exposing personal information may possibly be caused by ________.
A.the applications of antivirus programs
B.the practice of using public WiFi
C.the difficult access to passwords
D.the separate credit card for online shopping
答案:B 细节理解题。根据“Secure Your WiFi”内容中的“It's fairly easy for potential criminals to gain access to your information...”可知答案。
4.Which of the following is an improper way to shop online?
A.Adopting a unique password for every website.
B.Shopping online at reliable websites. 
C.Keeping credit details safe by checking security symbols.
D.Monitoring credit card by storing information online.
答案:D 细节理解题。利用排除法:根据“Check the shopping security”中的内容逐一排查。A、B、C三项内容在该部分中有明确提示,故选D。

1.personal adj.  私人的;个人的
2.security n. 安全;可靠
3.infect vt. 感染
4.detail n. 细节;详情
5.convenient adj. 便利的;方便的

1.at the risk of 冒着……风险
2.make sure 确保

原文:This will make it easier to cancel if something bad does happen.(it作形式宾语)
仿写:Most students take it for granted to_be_taken_care_of_by_ their_parents.

[2016·河南开封摸底考试]Why do Chinese people love hot pot so much? As the winter months are coming in, more and more people are sitting around a table, enjoying this kind of traditional meal. I find myself wondering what it is about this traditional meal, which has existed for more than 1,000 years. What makes it a Chinese food favorite? It seems that the answer lies beyond the dish itself. 
 Hot pot isn't just designed to keep you warm during the cold months; it's also a social experience. It's a “theater” cooked food that turns a meal into an event. There is a lot of fun for everyone to have in adding some foods to the hot pot. 
Hot pot is eaten over two to three hours. For this reason, it is often considered an evening's entertainment, and a time to spend with friends and families. However, many Westerners would be put off by the idea of other people sticking chopsticks in their food. When we come to eat at the table in the UK, we tend to have our own shares, although the experience is still a social one. 
A similar experience to the hot pot can be found in Korean barbecue restaurants, which let you cook your own meat. This allows people to have their meat done however they want. 
For most Westerners, the idea of going to a restaurant to cook their own food is very strange. But having a go, I find it's now one of my favorite meals in Beijing. The steam from the pot left my clothes smelling of food when I got home, but perhaps this was also part of the experience. When the cold wind is blowing outside, I am sitting around with my good friends, eating and drinking. For me it's like a dinner party where my taste buds (味蕾) and my appetite are equally satisfied in the warm company of friends. 
5.What is the main reason why hot pot is popular in China? 
A.It has a history of over 1,000 years.
B.It is a fun social experience.
C.It serves people with many kinds of foods.
D.It keeps people very warm in winter. 
答案:B 细节理解题。根据文章第一段的各种反问以及第二段首句“火锅的设计不仅仅是用来取暖的,而且它也是一种social experience”可知。
6.We can conclude from the article that British people generally________. 
A.enjoy cooking their own food in restaurants
B.prefer a Korean barbecue to Chinese hot pot
C.don't like sharing food with others in restaurants
D.don't mind the smell of food staying on their clothes 
答案:C 推理判断题。根据第三段“When we come to eat at the table in the UK, we tend to have our own shares, although...”可知答案选C。
7.How long do people spend in enjoying the traditional meal? 
A.More than four hours.
B.Over one hour.
C.About three hours.
D.All the evening. 
答案:C 细节理解题。根据第三段首句“Hot pot is eaten over two to three hours.”可知。
8.What is the author's attitude to hot pot? 
A.Serious.  	B.Tired. 
C.Humorous.  	D.Appreciative.
答案:D 推理判断题。综合作者对火锅的描述“a lot of fun, evening's entertainment, my appetite are equally satisfied...”可判断,答案是D。

1.traditional adj. 传统的  2.social adj. 社会的
3.entertainment n.  娱乐  4.similar adj. 相似的
5.appetite n. 胃口;食欲

1.put off 推迟
2.tend to 往往会……;倾向于……
3.sit around 闲坐着;无所事事

原文:This allows people to have their meat done however they want.(have+宾语+宾补)
仿写:Jenny hopes that Mr Smith will suggest a good way to_have_her_written_English_improved in a short period.

 [2016·四川绵阳高中一诊]My biggest problem is that I'm too busy. When I am young, I used to have so much time, and these days I get up early and stay in school all day. Then I go right to home and eat dinner. Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time play games with my friends, but I just don't have time anymore. In the evening, I used to watch TV or chatted with my grandma, but now I has to study. I love music, and my father used to take me to concert. These days, I hardly ever have time with concerts. I do my homework and go to bed. I real miss the old days!
My biggest problem is that I'm too busy. When I  young, I used to have so much time,  these days I get up early and stay in school all day. Then I go right  home and eat dinner. Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time  games with my friends, but I just don't have  time anymore. In the evening, I used to watch TV or  with my grandma, but now I  to study. I love music, and my father used to take me to . These days, I hardly ever have time  concerts. I do my homework and go to bed. I  miss the old days!

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