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英       语
第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)

例:How much is the shirt?
   A. £19.15            B. £9.18            C. £9.15
What does the man want to do?
Take photos
Boy a camera
Help the woman
What are the speakers talking about?
A noisy night
Their life in town
A place of living
Where is the man now?
On his way
In a restaurant
At home
What will Celia do?
Find a player
Watch a game
Play basketball
What day is it when the conversation takes place?

What is Sara going to do?
Buy John a gift
Give John a surprise
Invite Johe to France
What does the man think of Sara’s plan?
Why does Diana say sorry to Peter?
She has to give up her travel plan
She wants to visit another city
She needs to put off her test
What does Diana want Peter to do?
Help her with her study
Take a book to her friend
Teach a geography lesson
Why does the man call the woman?
To tell her about her new job
To ask about her job program
To plan a meeting with her
Who needs a new flat?
Where is the woman now?
In Baltimore
In New York
In Avon
What does Jan consider most important when he judges a restaurant?
Where the restaurant is
Whether the prices are low
How well the food is prepared
14.When did Jan begin to write for a magazine?
A. After he came back to Sweden
B .Before  he went to the United States
C. As soon as he got his first job in 1982
15. What may Jan do to find a good restaurant?
A. Talk to people in the street
B. Speak to taxi drivers
C. Ask hotel clerks
16. What do we know about Jan?
A. He cooks for a restaurant
B. He travels a lot for his work
C. He prefers American food
17.What do we know about the Plaza Leon?
A. It’s a new building
B. It’s  a small town 
C. It’s a public place
18. When do parents and children like going to the Plaza Leon?
A. Saturday nights
B. Sunday afternoons
C. Fridays and Saturdays
19. Which street is known for its food shops and markets?
A. Via del Mar Street
B. Femando Street
C. Hemandes Street
20.Why does the speaker like Horatio Street best?
A. It has an old stone surface
B. It is named after a writer
C. It has a famous university
第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child        he or she wants.
However           B. whatever       C. whichever       D. whenever

21.From space, the earth looks blue. This is      about seventy-one percent of its surface is covered by water.
 A.  why              B.  how             C.   because             D.  whether
22 Before you pay a visit to a place of interest, look in your local library       a book about it.
A. on	                B.  at              C.    for           D. to
23.It’s much easier to make friends       you have similar interests.
A. unless                B.  when             C. even though            D. so  that
24. I’m calling about the apartment you        the other day. Could you tell me more about it?
A. advertised               B. had advertised
C. are advertising            D. will advertise
25.----This is your order, a hamburger and an apple pie     ?
A. Anything else               B. Is that OK
C. For here or to go             D. Something to drink
26. Traditionally, college students hold a graduation ceremony to encourage themselves before they            on their life joumey.
 A. give up            B. settle down           C. get through           D. set off
27. This project requires close teamwork.           Will be achieved unless we work well together.
A. Nothing          B. Anything           C. Something           D. Everything
28. I        to my cousin’s birthday party last night, but I was not available
 A. went                    B. had gone
 C. would go                 D. would have gone
29. Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012,           made one of the Chinese people’s long-held dreams come true.
A. it                 B. that                C. what                D. which
30. David is             animal fur, so he won’t visit anyone who has cats or dogs in the house.
 A. curious about     B. allergic to        C. satisfied with         D. food of
31. If parents have children help with housework, the children will feel needed.          ,they will learn to take care of themselves.
 A. On the contrary                      B. In a word
 C. That is to say                         D. What’s more
32.            in the early 20th century, the school keeps on inspiring children’s love of art.
 A. To found                           B. Founding
 C. Founded                           D. Having founded
33. It’s said that the power plant is now             large as what it was.
 A. twice as                            B. as twice
 C. twice much                         D. much twice
34. It             be the vocabulary that caused you the problem in the exercise because you know a lot of words.
A. may             B. couldn’t             C. should             D. needn’t
35,----How did your interview with the manager go?
   ----         He seemed interested in my experience, but he didn’t ask for references.
 A. Perfect!                                 B. I’m not sure.
 C. That’s  right.                             D. Couldn’t be better.

If you want to learn a new language, the very first thing to think about is why. Do you need it for a ___36_____ reason, such as your job or your studies?___37____ perhaps you’re interested in the ___38____ ,films or music of a different country and you know how much it will help to have a ___39____ of the language.
Most people learn best using a variety of ___40____, but traditional classes are an ideal(理想的)start for many people. They ___41___ an environment where you can practice under the ___42___ of someone who’s good at the language. We all lead ___43___ lives and learning a language takes __44___. You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a ___45___. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got long. Becoming fluent in a language will take years, but learning to get by takes __46____.
Many people start learning a language and soon give up. “I’m too __47___,” they say. Yes, children do learn languages more __48___ than adults, but research has shown that you can learn a language at any ___49___. And learning is good for the health of your brain, too. I’ve also heard people ___50___ about the mistakes they make when ___51___. Well, relax and laugh about your mistakes __52____ you’re much less likely to make them again.
Learning a new language is never ___53___. But with some work and devotion, you’ll make progress. And you’ll be ___54____ by the positive reaction of some people when you say just a few words in ___55___ own language. Good luck!
36.A. technical            B. political          C. practical          D. physical
37. A. After               B. So              C. Though          D. Or
38.A literature             B. transport         C. agriculture        D. medicine
39.A view                B. knowledge        C. form            D. database
40.A paintings             B. regulations        C. methods        D. computers
41.A. protect              B. change           C. respect          D. provide
42.A. control              B. command         C. guidance        D. pressure
43.A. busy                B. happy            C. simple          D. normal
44.A. courage             B. time              C. energy          D. place
45.A. theory               B. business          C. routine          D. project
46.A. some risks          B. a lot less          C. some notes     D. a lot more
47.A. old                 B. nervous           C. weak          D. tired
48.A. closely              B. quickly           C. privately        D. quietly
49.A. age                 B. speed             C. distance        D. school
50.A. worry               B. hesitate           C. think           D. quarrel
51.A. singing              B. working           C. bargaining      D. learning
52.A. if                   B. and              C. but            D. before
53.A. tiresome             B. hard              C. interesting      D. easy
54.A. blamed              B. amazed            C. interrupted     D. informed
55.A. their                B. his               C. our            D, your

第三部分  阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2份,满分40分)
    Tht Healthy Habits Survey(调查)shows that only about one third of American seniors have correct habits. Here are some findings and expert advice.
1.How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday?
·Finding:A full 33% of seniors brush their teeth only once a day.
·Step:Remove the 300 types of bacteria in your mouth each morning with a battery-operated toothbrush. Brush gently for 2 minutes, at least twice a day.
2.How many times did you wash your hands or bathe yesterday?
·Finding:Seniors, on average, bathe fewer than 3 days a week. And nearly 30%wash their hands only 4 times a day-half of the number doctors recommend.
·Step:We touch our faces around 3,000 times a day-often inviting germs(病菌)to enter our mouth, nose, and eyes.Use toilet paper to avoid touching the door handle. And, most important, wash your hands often with hot running water and soap for 20 seconds.
3. How often do you thind about fighting germs?
·Finding:Seniors are not fighting germs as well as they should.
·Step:Be aware of germs. Do you know it is not your toilet but your kitchen sponge(海绵)that can carry more germs than anything else? To kill these germs, keep your sponge in the microwave for 10 seconds.

56. What is found out American seniors?
A. Most of then have good habits.
B. Nearly 30%of then bathe three days a week .
C. All of then are fighting germs better than expected .
D. About one third of them brush their teeth only once a day
57. Doctors suggest that people should wash their hands           .
A. twice a day      B. three times a day 
C. four times a day  D. eight  times  a day 
58.Which of the following is true according to the text ?
A. We  should  keep from touching our faces .
B. There are less than 300 types of bacteria in the mouth .
C.A kitchen sponge can carry more germs than  a toilet .
D. We should wash our hands before touching a door handle .
59. The text probably comes from             .
A. a guide book   B. a popular magazine 
C. a book review  D .an official document

Using too much water or  throwing  rubbish into our rivers are clear ways that humans can
Put our water supply in danger ,but we also affect our water supply in less obvious ways .
You may wonder how paving(铺砌) a road can lead to less useable fresh water . A major
Part of the  water  we  use every day is groundwater . Groundwater does not come from lakes or rivers .It come from underground . The more roads and parking lots we pave ,the less water  can
Flow into the ground to become groundwater .

   Human activity is not responsible for all water shortages(短缺). Driver climates are of course more likely to have droughts(干旱) than areas with more  rainfall  ,but in any case, good management can help to make sure there is enough water to meet our basic needs .
   Thinking about the way we use water every day can make a big difference ,too In the United States ,a family of four can use 1.5tons of water a day ! This shows how much we depend on water to live ,but there’s a lot we can do to lower the number .
You can take steps to save water in your home .To start with ,use the same glass for your drinking water all day .Wash it only once a day .Run your dishwasher (洗碗机)only when it is full 。Help your parents fix any leaks in your home . You can even help to keep our water supply clean by recycling batteries instead of throwing them away .
60.  Which of the following is most likely to lead to less groundwater ?
 A. Using river water .     B .Throwing batteries away .
 C. paving parking lots .     D. Throwing rubbish into lakes .
61. What can be inferred from the text ?
A. All water shortages are due to human behavior .
B. It takes a lot of effort to meet our water needs .
C. There is much we can do to reduce family size .
D. The average family in  America makes proper use of water .
62. The last paragraph is intended to               .
A. show us how to fix leaks at home 
B. tell us how to run a dishwasher 
C. prove what drinking glass is best for us 
D. suggest what we do to save water at home 

63. The text is mainly about            .
A. Why paving roads reduces our water 
B. how much we depend on water to live 
C. why droughts occur more in dry climates
D. how human activity affects our water supply

   When 19-year-old Sophia Giorgi said she was thinking of volunteering to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation (基金会),nobody understood what she was talking about .But Sophia knew just how important Make – A –Wish could be because this special organization had helped to make a dream come true for one her best friends .We were interested in finding out more ,so we went along to meet Sophia listen to what she had to say .
Sophia told us that Make – A –Wish is a worldwide organization that started in the United States in 1980.”It’s a charity(慈善机构)that helps children who have got very serious illnesses. Make – A –Wish help children feel happy even though they are sick, by making their wishes and dreams come true ,” Sophia explained .
 We asked Sophia how Make – A –Wish had first started .She said it had all begun with a very sick young boy called Chris ,who had been dreaming for a long time of becoming a policeman .Sophia said lots of people had wanted to find a way to make Chris’s dream come true ----so, with everybody’s help , Chris, only seven years old at the time ,had been a “policeman” for a day .” when people saw how delighted Chris was when his dream came true, they decided to try and help other sick children too ,and that was the beginning of Make – A –Wish,” explained Sophia
64.?Sophia?found?out?about?Make-A-Wish?because?her?best?friend?had???.??  ??A.?benefited?from?it?????B.?volunteered?to?help?it?    C.?dreamed?about?it?????D.?told?the?author?about?it65.?According?to?Sophia,? Make-A-Wish????????.????A.?is?an?international?charity  B.?was?understood?by?nobody?at?first  C.?raises?money?for?very?poor?families  D.?started?by?drawing?the?interest?of?the?public

66. What is said about Chris in Paragraph3?
    A. He has been a policeman since he was seven.
B. He gave people the idea of starting Make-A-Wish
C. He wanted people to help make his dream come true.
D. He was the first child Make-A-Wish helped after it had been set up.
67. Which of the following is true about Make-A-Wish volunteers?
 A. They are important for making wishes come true.
B. They try to help children get over their illnesses.
C. They visit sick children to make them feel special.
D. They provide what is necessary to make Make-A-Wish popular.

      “People are ruder today because they are rushed and more ‘time poor’ than ever before,” says Patsy Rowe, “ Manners have fallen off the radar(雷达).” Due to our strong attraction to electronic equipment it is a wonder more people don’t wake up each morning and greet the singing birds with a complaint(抱怨)about the noise. Here are some examples of rudeness.
   Some people prefer to do almost everything over the internet. To them, dealing with an actual human is like an evolutionary step backward. It feels very slow because humans don’t work at 4G speeds. When you have dinner with friends, you will often notice someone paying more attention to his mobile phone. We have programmed ourselves to think that every new message brings life-changing news, so taking calls and checking our texts are more important than talking to the people we are with. What is worse, some people even tend to send anonymous(匿名的) rude messages by email.
    However, rudeness is never acceptable, Don’t assume it is OK to be rude if the person you’re in touch with won’t recognize you. If you have something awful to say, have the courage to face the person and say it, write a letter or email and sign it, or forget it. Upsetting people with unsigned messages is cruel and disgusting.

We shouldn’t blame technology for our shortcomings.Technology is here to help us, but we should not allow it to take over our lives. An important step ia acknowledging our shortcomings.People spend a lot of time pointing out bad manners but it would be even more help if we′d publicly acknowledge good manners when we see them.
68.What can be infend from the underlined sentence in Paragraph I?
  A.People can tell good from bad behavior.
B.Radar is able tu obserbe human behabior.
C. People care little about their behabior.
D. Radar can be used to predict human behabior.
69.Some people are less willing to deal with humans because
 A.they are becoming less patient
B.they are growing too independent
C.they have to handle many important messages
D.they have to follow an evolutionary step backward.
70.The author thinks sending unsigned awful messages is 
A.Ridiculous B.disgusting C.acceptable D.reasonable
71.What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A.We should applaud good behabior.
B.Technology can neber be blamed
C.We should keep pointing out mistakes.
D.Technology will take over lives one day.
Argentina in the late nineteenth century was an exciting place.Around 1870,it was experiencing an economic(经济的)boom,and the captital,Buenos Aires,attracted many people.Farmers,as well as a flood of foreifners from Spain and Italy,came to Buenos Aires seeking jobs.These jobs didn′t pay well,and the people felt lonely and disappointed with their new lefe in the city.As the unhappy newcomers mixed together in the poor parts of the city,the dance known an the tango(探戈舞)came into being
    At the beginning the tango was a dance of the lower classes.It was danced in the bars and stheets.At that time there many fewer women the men,so if a man didn′t want to be left out,his only choice was tu dance with another man so that he could attract the attention of the few available women.Gradually,the dance spread into the upper clases of Argentinean society and became more respectable.
    In Europe at this time,stong interest in dance fom aroune the world was beginning
The interest in international dance was especially ecedent in Paris.Every kind of dance fom ballet(芭蕾舞)to belly dancing coule be found on the stages of the Paris theaters of the Paris theaters.After tango dances from Argentina arrive in Europe,they began to draw the inrerest of the public an they perpormed their exiting dangce in cafes,Though not eceryone approved of the new dance,saying it was a little too shocking,the dance did find enough supporters to make it popular.
The popularity(流行)Of the tango continued tu trow in many other parts of the world.Aoldiers who teturned to the United States from Worle War I brought the tango to North America,It reached Japan in 1926,and in 2003 the Argentinean embassy in Seoul hired a local lango dancer to act an a kind of dance ambassador,and promote tango dancing throughout South Korea.
72.The origin of the tango is associated with 
A Belly dances B.American soldiers
C.Spanish city D.the captital of Argentina
73.Whith of the following is true about the tango?
A.It was cteated by foreigners from Spain and Italy.
B.People of the upper classes loved the tango most
C.It was often danced by two male in the beginning
D.A dancer in Seoul became the Argentinean ambassador.
74.Before World War I,the tango spread to  
A.America   B.Japan
C.France    D.South Korea
75What can be the best title for the text?
A.How to Dance the Tango      B.The History of the Tango
C.How to Promote the Tango    D.The Modern Tango Boom
第四部分  写作(共两节,满分35分)
Aristotle once wrote that “happiness is a state of activity”. In other words, whether you’re 
Seeking life-long satisfaction or a few moments of good cheer, you’ve got to move forward. We’ve interviewed the experts and found five steps to take toward a sunny mood(心情):
Over a 30-year period, University of Illinois researchers asked nearly 120,000 people how income, education, political participation, volunteer activities and close relationships affected their happiness. Reported Newsweek’s Sharon Begley on the findings, “The highest levels of happiness are found with the most stable and satisfying relationships.”
Singing aloud, talking to a stranger, raising your hand: all may increase a feeling of happiness, according to a study from Wake Forest University. Participants(参与者)followed the development of their moods for two weeks and reported feeling happier when they were more outgoing and less happy when reserved or withdrawn.
The editors of forbes. Com gave $5 or $20 to 46 strangers by chance. Half the group was told to spend the money on themselves, while the other half was told to spend it on others. Those who’d whaed the wealth felt much happier at the end of the day than those who’d spent it on themselves. There was no difference in happiness between those who spent $5 or $20, suggesting that it’s not how much money you spend, but how you spend it, that inspires the spirit.
Studies from the Positive Psychology Center showed that discouraged people who wrote down three good things that happened to them each day for six months reported an improved attitude.
Drinking water really can help keep you cheerful. A small 2012 study from the University of Connecticut suggested that even slight dehydration(脱水) affected the moods of its female participants.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
假设你校英语社团举办以“讲求文明,从我做起”为主题的征文活动,请你以“On the Way to School”为题,写一篇英语短文。


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