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2013年高考真题——英语(重庆卷)解析版(2) Word版含答案

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例:How much is the shirt?
    A.£19.15.			B.£9.15.				C. £9.18.		

1.How many sisters doesthe woman have?
A. One.	
B . Twe.
C. Three.
	2. What iswoman  going to do tonight?
  A. Meet  the man.
  B. Go out for dinner.
  C. Prepare for a meeting.
3. Who has a dictionary?
A.The man.
B. Lucy.
  C. Tina.
4. What are the two speakers most probably?
  A. Students.
5. What are the two speakers talking about?
    A.A language.
    B. An interest.
    C.A class.


6. Which city is the woman going to?
    A. Chicago.
    B. Boston.
    C. New York.
7. How much will the woman pay for her ticket?
    A. $30.
    B. $50.
    C. $60.
8. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
  A. At  an  airport.
  B. At  a  bus  stop.
  C. At  a  railway  station.

9. When  did the woman begin to collect stamps?
  A. At the age of 9.
  B. At the age of 12.
  C. At the age of 20.
10. What does the woman advise the man to do?
    A. Join a reading club.
    B. Travel  to other countries.
    C.Collect  stamps.
11. What are the two speakers mainly talking about?
    B. Hobbies.
    C. Books.

12. What is the woman going to do on Friday?
    A.Attend a meeting.
    B. Go on vacation.
    C. Make a phone call.
13. Who is most probably going to meet the man at the airport?
    A.Th e woman.
    B. The man's brother.
    C.The woman's sister.
14. What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?
A. Parent and teacher.
B. Brother and sister.
C. Husband and wife.
I5. At what time are they leaving (or the Natural Museum?
A.7:30 a. m.
B.8:30 a. m.
C. 3:30 p. m.
16. What will they possibly do right before supper?
A. Swim at the beach.
B. Do some shopping.
C. See an exhibition.
17. What is the speaker mainly talking about?
A.An arrangement for a day.
B.An introduction to a place.
C. An experience of culture.
Introduction to Competitors
Name	Age	Occupation	Strengths		Peter SMITH	18	Enginner	Art and literature		TomAnderson	28	Salesman	 19  and history		Jack Brown	36	 20 	Language and culture		二,单项天空{共15小题:每小题1分.满分15分)
例:A computer can only do     you have instructed it to do.
A.how        B.after  C. what        D. when
21. I felt very tired when I got home, and I     straight to bed.
A. go         B. went       C. had gone      D. have gone
22. - Would you like a glass of wine?
-      I don't drink.
A. No, thanks       B. Yes, please    C. I don't like it     D. It's my favorite
23. It's not easy to change habits,         with awareness and self-control, it is possible.
A. for      B. or         C. but        D. so
24. John invited about 40 people to his wedding, most of       are family members.
A them      B. that        C. which         D. whom
【解析】考查定语从句。先行词为40 people,定语从句中缺少主语,故使用whom。介词之后不能用that,应予以排除;which指先行词为物;them为人称代词,应用于并列句中。
25.     we have enough evidence, we can't win the case.
A. Once     B As long as       C. Unless          D. Since
26. - What are you doing this Saturday?
- I’m not sure, but I    go to the Rolling Stones concert.
A. must    B. would    C. should   D. might
【解析】考查情态动词。根据“I’m not sure”可知说话者不能确定,因此使用might表示推测,表示“有可能”。
27. It was with the help of the local guide    the mountain climber was rescued.
A. who  B. that    C. when   D. how
【解析】考查强调句。该句可还原为the mountain climber was rescued with the help of the local guide,故可知为强调句,答案选B。
28.    struck me most in the movie was the father’s deep love for his son.
A. That         B. It           C. What         D. Which
29. - It rained cats and dogs this morning. I’m glad we took an umbrella.
- Yeah, we would have got wet all over if we     
A. hadn’t       B. haven't         C. didn't          D. don't
30. When I was little, my mother used to sit by my bed,      me stories till I fell asleep.
A. having told       B. telling         C. told         D. to tell
【解析】考查非谓语动词。此处非谓语动词tell与主语my mother为主动关系,故用telling作伴随状语。
31. Recycling is one way to protect the environment; reusing is    
A. another      B. the other       C. one another         D. one
32. The parents were shocked by      news that their son needed      operation on his knee.
A. a;/     B. the; /      C. the; an       D. a; an
33. A Midsummer Night's Dream     at the Theatre Royal on 19th June, and then tours throughout Scotland.
A. opens         B. is opened       C. will open         D. will be opened
34. The engine just won't start. Something seems    wrong with it.
A. to go    B. to have gone    C. going   D. having gone
【解析】考查非谓语动词。动词seem之后用不定式,排除CD项;to do表将来,to have done表完成,根据句意:引擎发不动。看起来好像出了什么毛病,可知答案为B。
35.- Forgotten something? I can keep an eye on your kids if you want to go and get it.
-    Thank you all the same.
A. It's very kind of you.                  B. Oh, how careless of me!
C.I might as well go and get it.             D. Well, I can do without it.
When Joe was about to start school. all signs pointed to success. Yet things turned out to be quite 36    .The fourth grade even found him at the  37  of the class. Joe  struggled day and night, but it did not  38  -until one stormy aftermoon .
On that aftermoon ,39  the math teacher started to introduce difficult concepts, dadk  Clouds covered the sky, and the stone ad in. Hard thou she tried to make the kids,40 ,the thunder won the battle for their attention .No one 41  the concepts.  Except Joe. He undemtood them and answered all the questions correctly. The teacher patted him on the back. and told him to go around to the others and explain how he had  managed it. 42  by his newfound  success. Joe moved quickly throughout the room. Soon math time was followed by the time for 43  .All children naturally drew 44  pictures on such a day. Except for Joe.
Since then, Joe started 45   . Though he never made it to the top, his math teacher was always 46  and curious about the change: Why had that stomry day changed Joe?
On the day Joe graduared, he presented the teacher with his moat 47  possession—the picture of.bright yellow sun .On the picture Joe had written: This is the day I  48  my brightness.
36.A.unfair              B. boring        C.disapporinting      D.dangerous
37.A. center              B.top         C.beginning         D.bottom
38.A.happen             B.  work             C. finish            D. last      
39.A .until               B. since               C.  because        D.	as  
40.A .concentrte        B. change              C.  hide           D. sit
41.A.challenged          B. grasped             C. doubted      D. admitted
42.A.Relieced            B. surprised          C. Encouraged     D.Puzzled  
43.A. class               B. sports              C. art               D. tea    
44.A .great              B. dark                C. different       D. strange  
45.A .improving           B. painting          C. recovering       D. studying
46.A. worried            B. amazed        C. friendly         D. cautious   
47.A .familiar            B. expensice        C. admirable     D. precious
48.A.worke up to        B. put up with          C. got on with       D. loked down upon  	

【解析】根据上文all signs pointed to success和yet可知情况发生了变化,不是朝向成功的方向,而是令人失望,故选C。
【解析】因为情况是令人失望的,可知Joe的成绩在班里是排在最后,故选择bottom,at the bottom of意为:在…的底部。
【解析】本句Joe struggled day and night说明他很努力,后面的but提示虽然努力了,但是没有见效,故选B。
【解析】根据the thunder won the battle for their attention可知雷声吸引了学生的注意力,也就是学生们不能集中注意力,故选A。
【解析】下句中all children drew pictures可知数学课之后是美术课,故选C。
【解析】下一段话中the picture of a bright yellow sun及except for Joe可知别的孩子画的都是暗淡颜色的画,只有Joe的画是明亮的,故选B。

It is easy to overlook the rolethat your body plays in influencing your mood(情绪).when you are    49   ,you may find yourself  blaming work pressures or an unknown future.However,it could just be that you’ve been sitting behind you desk too long.
One way to improve your mood is    50   .Psychologically,it provides you with a break from the stresses in your life .Also,in the process,you may aim for     51   goals,like a mew personal running record or a better body shape.The achievement of a particular goal makes you feel good and contributes to your     52   .That is why exercise has been shown to     53   your self-respect.
You do not have to train yourself      54   to feel the psychological benefits of exercise.What really matters is     55   ,not intensity(强度)of your exercise.You can try walking for 30 minutes five times per week or simply gardening on weekends.

49.A.ill			B.poor				C.unhappy			D.unsuccessful
50.A.play		B.communication	C.sleep				D.exercise
51.A.clear 		B.present 			C.common			D.early
52.A.ability		B.relationship		C.confidence		D.business
53.A.tear down	B.build up			C.set aside			D.give out
54.A.hard		B.everywhere		C.carefully			D.late
55.A.time		B.length				C.form				D.frequency

【解析】根据下文find yourself balming work pressures or an unknown future可知这里人的情感为unhappy, 表示不快乐的心理,故选C。
【解析】根据下文like a new personal running record or a better body shape可知这里是通过锻炼来改善情绪,故选D。
【解析】本句后的内容有两个:一个个人跑步的记录;更好的体型。也就是进行锻炼要有明确的目标;另外,下句的particular goal也是一个提示。故选A。
【解析】根据本句a particular goal makes you feel good可以印证锻炼强身这一常识的正确性,故选C。
【解析】考查固定搭配。Build up建立;增强;tear down拆毁;set aside放在一边;give out释放。故选B。
【解析】根据下文intensity of your exercise锻炼的强度可知答案为A。
【解析】句意:关键是锻炼的频率而不是锻炼的强度。下文的30 minutes five times per week所表达的是动作发生的频率,故选D。

The morning had been a disaster.My tooth was aching,and I’d been in an argument with a friend.Her words still hurt:“The trouble with you is that you won’t put yourself in my place.Can’t you see things from my point of view?”Ishook my head stubbomly—and felt the ache in my tooth.I’d thought I could hold out till my dentist came back from holiday,but the pain was really unbearable.I started calling the dentists in the phone book,but no one coule see me immediatcly.Finally,at about lunchtime,I got lucky.
“If you come by right now,”the receptionist said,“the dentist will fit you in .”
I look  my purse and keys and rushed to my car.But suddenly I began to doubt about the dentist.What kind of dentist would be so eager to treat someone at such short notice?Why wasn’t he as busy as the others?
In the dentist’s office,I sat down and looked around.I saw nothing but the bare walls and I became even more worried.The assistant noticed my nervousness and placed her warm hand over my ice-cold one.
When I tole her my fears,she laughed and said ,“Don’t worry.The dentist is very good.”
“How long do I have to wait for him?”I asked impatiently.
“Come on ,he is coming.Just lie down and relax.And enjoy the artwork,”the assistant said.
“The artwork?”Iwas puzzled.
The chair went back,suddenly I smiled.There was a beautiful picture,right where I could enjoy it :on the ceiling.How considerate the dentist was !At that moment,I began to understand what my friend meant by her words.
What a relief!

56.Which of the following best describes the author’s feeling that morning?
57.What made the author begin to doubt about the dentist?
A.The dentist’s agreeing to treat her at very short notice.
B.The dentist’s being as busy as the other dentists.
C.The surroundings of the dentist’s office.
D.The laughing assistant of the dentist.
58.Why did the author suddenly smile?
A.Because the dentist came at last.
B.Because she saw a picture on the ceiling.
C.Because she could relax in the chair.
D.Because the assistant kept comforting her.
59.What did the author learn from her experience most probably?
A.Strike while the iron is hot.
B.Have a good word for one’s friend
C.Put oneself in other’s shoes
D.A friend in need is a friend indeed.

【解析】推理判断题。根据第一段The morning had been a disaster. My….And I’d been in an argument with a friend. Her words…一大早牙疼,与朋友争吵,她的话深深伤害了我,可知心情极度郁闷。
【解析】细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段Suddenly I smiled. There was a beautiful picture, right where I could enjoy it:on the ceiling正是天花板上的漂亮图片让作者会心的笑了。

		One of the greatest gifts one generation can give to other generations is the wisdom it has gained from experience.This idea has inspired the award-winning photographer Andrew Zuckerman.He interviewed and took photos of fifty over-sixty-five-year-olds all over the world.Hisproject explores various aspects of their lives.The photos and interviews are now available on our website.
Click on the introductions to read the complete interviews.

Let us now have a culture of peace.
—Federico Mayor Zaragoza,Spain
Federico Mayor Zaragoza obtained a doctorate in pharmacy(药学)from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1958 .After many years spent in politics,he became Director-Ceneral of UNESCO in 1987.In 1999,he for a Culture of Peace,of which he is now the president.In addition to many he has published four collections of poems and several books of eaasys.

Writing is a discovery.
—Nadine Cordimer,South Africa
Due to a weak heart,Nadine ordimer attended school and university briefly.She read widely and began writing at an early age .She published her first short story at the age of fifteen,and has completed alarge number been translated into forty languages.In 1991,Cordimer won the Nobel Prize

Jzaa is about the only form of an today.
—Dave Brubeck,USA
Dave Brubeck studied music at the University of the Pacific and graduated in 1942.After World War Two he was encouraged to play jazz.In 1951,he recorded his first album(专辑).Brubeck’s 1959 album has become a jazz a Grammy lifetime Achievement Award in 1996.

For more figures CLICK HERE.		

60. Why did Andrew Zuckerman choose the fifty elders for his project?
    A.Because their wisdom deserves to be passed on.、
    B. Because they are physically impressive.
    C. Because their accomplishments inspired him.
    D. Because they have similar experiences.
61.According to the web page, Federico Mayor Zaragoza          .
    A. has won many awards for his work in politics
    B. has served as the president of a university
    C. has devoted all his life to the field of science
D. has made achievements in different areas
62. Who most probably said“My education has been the library and books" in the interview reflecting on his/her experience?
    A.Andrew Zuckennan.
B. Federico Mayor 7,aragoza.
C. Nadine Gordimer.
    D. Dave Brubeck.
63. What is the main purpose of this web page?
    A. To show Zuckennans awards. 
    B. To publicize Zuckenman's project. 
  	C. To spread the wisdom of the three people.
D. To celebrate the achievements of the three people.

【解析】推理判断题。根据文章第一段可知Andrew Zuckerman正是认为伟人的天赋与智慧可以传递到下一代,才进行了这个项目,故选A。
【解析】细节判断题。根据Federico Mayor Zaragoza的描述,他获得过药学博士,有从政的经历,曾任联合国教科文组织理事长,可知其在众多领域都取得了巨大成就。
【解析】推理判断题。根据Nadine ordimer attended school and university briefly. She read widely and began writing at an early age可知她上学时间很短,其教育主要是靠图书馆和书籍。故选C。
【解析】判断作者写作意图。全文是通过三个人的例子介绍photographer Andrew Zuckerman的一个通过对伟人的事迹的介绍来传承伟人的智慧,让下一代从中得到启发的一个项目。

    Almost every machine with moving parts has wheels, yet no one knows exactly when the first wheel was invented or what it was used for. We do know,however,that they existed over 5,500years ago in ancient Asia.
    The oldest known transport wheel was discovered in 2002 in Slovenia. It is over 5,100 years
old. Evidence suggests that wheels for transport didn't become popular for .while, though . This could be because animals did a perfectly good job of carrying farming tools and humans around.
But it could also be because of a difficult situation. While wheels need to roll on smooth surfaces, roads with smooth surfaces weren't going to be constructed until there was plenty of demand for them. Eventually, road surfaces did become smoother, but this difficult situation appeared again a few centuries later. There had been no important changes in wheel and vehicle design before the arrival of modern road design.
In the mid-1700s,a Frenchman came up with a new design of road--a base layer (层)of large stones covered with a thin layer of smaller atones. A Scotsman improved on this design in the 1820s and a strong, lasting road surface became a reality. At around the same time, metal hubs(the central part of a wheel came into being, followed by the Wheels were invented in 1967, sixty years after the appearance of tarmacked roads(泊油路). As wheel design took off, vehicles got faster and faster.

64.What might explain why transport wheels didn’t become popular for some time?
	A.Few knew how to use transport wheels.
	B.Humans carried farming tools just as well.
	C. Animals were a good means of transport.
	D. The existence of transport wheels was not known.
65. What do we know about road design from the passage?
	A. It was easier than wheel design.
B. It improved after big changes in vehicle design.
C. It was promoted by fast-moving vehicles.
D. It provided conditions for wheel design to develop.
66. How is the last paragraph mainly developed?
A. By giving examples.
B. By making comparisons.
C. By following time order.
D. By making classifications.
67.What is the passage mainly about?
	A.The beginning of road deaign.
	B.The development of transport wheels.
	C.The history of public transport.
	D.The invention of fast-moving vehicles.

【解析】推理判断题。根据第四段时间数字In the mid-1700s、in the 1820s、in 1846、in 1967可知C符合题意。

	Not	all bodies of wather are so evidently alive as the Atlantic Ocean, an S-shaped body of water covering 33 million square miles. The Atlantic has, in a sense, replaced the Mediterranean as the inland sea of Weatern civilization. Unlike real inland seas, which seem strangely still, the Atlantic is rich in oceanic liveliness. It is perhaps not surprising that its vitality has been much written about by ancient poets.
	“Strm at Sea”, a short poem written around 700, is generally regarded as one of mankind’s earliest artistic representations of the Atlantic.
	When the wind is from the west
	All the waves that cannot test 
		To the east must thunder on 
		Where the bright tree of the sun
	Is rooted in the osean’s breast.
As the poem suggests, the Atlantic is never dead and dull. It is an ocean that moves, impressively and endlessly. It makes all kinds of noise-it is forever thundering,boiling, crashing,and whistling.
	It is easy to imagine the Atlantic trying to draw breath-perhaps not so noticeably out in mid –ocean,but where it meets land, its waters bathing up and down a sandy beach. It mimics(模仿)nearly perfectly the steady breathing of a living creature. It is filled with symbiotic existences,too; unimaginable quantities of creatures,little and large alike,mix within its depths in a kind of oceanic harmony, giving to the waters a feeling of heartbeat, a kind of sub-ocean vitality. And it has a psychology. It has personalities: sometimes peaceful and pleasant, on rare occasions rough and wild; always it is strong and striking.
68.Unlike real inland seas, the Atlantic Ocean is __________.
	A.always energetic
	B. lacking in liveliness
	C. shaped like a square
	D. favored by ancient poets
69.What is the purpose of using the poem”Storm at Sea” in the passage?
	A. To describe the movement of the waves.
	B. To show the strength of the storm.
	C.To represent the power of the ocean.
	D. To prove the vastness of the sea.
70.What does the underlined word”symbiotic” mean?
	A. Living together.
	B. Growing fast.
	C. Moving harmoniously.
	D. Breathing peacefully.
71.In the last paragraph, the Atlantic is compared to __________.
	A. a beautiful and poetic place
	B. a flesh and blood person
	C. a wonderful world
	D. a lovely animal

【解析】细节理解题。根据Unlike real inland seas, which seem strangely still, the Atlantic is rich in oceanic liveliness可知选A。
【解析】推理判断题。根据第一段It is perhaps not surprising that its vitality has been much written about by ancient poets第二段接着引用了700多年前的一首小诗,可知选C。
【解析】词义猜测题。根据第四段It is filled with symbiotic existences, too; unimaginable quantities of creatures, little and large alike, mix within its depths in a kind of oceanic harmony根据冒号后的解释,应该是“一起生存的”,故选A。
【解析】细节理解题。根据最末一段描述大西洋trying to draw breath, it has a psychology. It has personalities可知选C。

	It is widely known that any English conversation begins with The Weather. Such a fixation with the weather finds expression in Dr.Johnson’s famous comment that “When two English meet, their first talk is of weather.” Though Johnson’s observation is as accurate now as it was over two hundred years ago, most commentators fail to come up with a convincing explanation for this English weather-speak.
Bill Bryson, for example, concludes that,as the English weather is not at all exciting,the obsession with it can hardly be understood. He argues that”To an outsider,the most striking thing about the English weather is that there is not very much of it.” Simply, the reason is that the unusual and unpredictable weather is almost unknown in the British Isles.
	Jeremy Paxman, however, disagrees with Bryson, arguing that the English weather is by nature attractive. Bryson is wrong, he says,because the English preference for the weather has nothing to do with the natural phenomena.”The interest is less in the phenomena themselves, but in uncertainty.” According to him, the weather in England is very changeable and uncertain and it attracts the English as well as the outsider.
	Bryson and Paxman stand for common misconceptions about the weather-speak among the English. Both commentators, somehow, are missing the point. The English weather conversation is not really about the weather at all. English weather-speak is a system of signs ,which is developed to help the speakers overcome the natural reserve and actually talk to each other. Everyone knows conversations starting with weather-speak are not requests for weather data. Rather, they are routine greetings,conversation starters or the blank”fillers”, In other words, English weather-speak is a means of social bonding.
72.The author mentions Dr.Johnson’s comment to show that________.
	A.most commentators agree with Dr.Johnson
	B.Dr.Johnson is famous for his weather observation
	C.the comment was accurate two hundred years ago
	D.English conversations usually start with the weather
73.What does the underlined word”obsession” most probably refer to?
	A.A social trend.
	B.An emotional state.
	C.A historical concept.
	D.An unknown phenomenon.
74.According to the passage,Jeremy Paxman believes that________.
	A.Bill Bryson has little knowledge of the weather
	B.there is nothing special about the English weather]
	C.the English weather attracts people to the British Isles
	D.English people talk about the weather for its unccrtainty
75.What is the author’s main purpose of writing the passage?
	A.To explain what English weather-speak is about.
	B.To analyse misconceptions about the English weather.
	C.To find fault with both Bill Bryson and Jeremy Paxman.
	D.To convince people that the English weather is changeable.

【解析】推理判断题。题干关键词为:Dr. Johnson’s comment。根据第一段It is widely known that any English conversation begins with The Weather紧接着就举例说明,故选D。
【解析】词义猜测题。根据第二段Bill Bryson, for example, concludes that, as the English weather is not at all exciting, the obsession with it can hardly be understood可知选B。