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2014年高考真题——英语(江苏卷)解析版 Word版含解析(单选和作文)

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Lessons can be learned to face the future,        history cannot be changed.
though		B. as				C. since				D. unless
21.A. 本题考察连词用法。根据句意结合常识来判断,A选项更合理:“尽管历史无法改变,教训却能够被吸取来面对未来。” B选项也有尽管的意思,但用于 “n/adj/adv+as+主谓”结构中。C选项是最大干扰项,“既然,由于”。似乎说得通,但是题干前后两句并非因果关系。D选项相当于if not. 
The book has helped me greatly in my daily communication, especially at work       a good impression is a must.
A. which 			B.when				C.as 				D. where
22. D. 本题考察定语从句关系词的用法。其解题的突破口是先行词的判断及句子成分的分析。本题先行词为work,可以理解为抽象的地点;而从句部分不缺主语也不缺宾语,因此可以排除关系代词,而选择可以做状语的关系副词where. 句意为“这本书在日常交际中给予我很大的帮助,尤其是在第一印象至关重要的工作中。”
---How much do you know about the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing?
--- Well, the media        it in a variety of forms.
A.cover			B. will cover			C.have covered		D.covered
23. C. 本题考察时态的用法。 “你了解将在南京举行的青奥会么?” “各大媒体已进行了全方位的报道。”
Tom always goes jogging in the morning and he usually does push-ups too to stay        .
A.in place		B.in order			C.in shape			D.in fashion
24.C. 本题考察介词短语。A.就位,到位。B.井然有序。C.保持体形 D. 流行。根据句意,“Tom坚持早上跑步并且还常常做俯卧撑来维持体形.”
25. Top graduates from universities are ______ by major companies.
A. chased       	B. registered       	C. offered           	D. compensate
25.A. 本题考察动词词汇量。A.追逐,追求。B.注册,登记。C.提供,常接双宾语。D.赔偿,补偿。根据句意可知,高才生受到各大公司的青睐,成为争相录用的对象。 
---What a mess! You are always so lazy!
---I’m not to blame, mum, I am        you have made me.
A.how 			B.what 				C.that				D.who
26.B.本题考察名词性从句。“这么乱!你总是这么懒!”“妈妈,要怪也不应当怪我啊。我这么懒也是你娇惯出来的。”言外之意是,“You made me what I am.”
She was put under house arrest two years ago but remained powerful        in the last year’s election.
symbol			B.portrait				C.identity				D.statue
27.A. 她两年前被软禁,但是在去年的选举中仍然是势力强大的代表人物。本题考察名词词汇量。A. 象征,代表。B.肖像 C.身份。 D. 雕像,塑像。
The idea “happiness”,       , will not sit still for easy definition.
to be rigid		B.to be sure			C.to be perfect			D.to be fair
28.B.本题考察不定式做插入语的常见短语。A.刻板地,僵硬地。B. 毫无疑问,可以肯定地说。C. 为了完美。D.公平地说。根据句意“幸福的概念,可以肯定地说,并非一成不变,因此很难定义什么是幸福。”
The lecture      , a lively question-and-answer session followed.
A.being given		B.having given		C.to be given			D.having been given
29. D. 本题考察非谓语动词的用法。根据后半句“热闹的问答环节紧随其后”可知,前半句说的是“一场讲座结束了”。两件事情先后发生,并且有明确的先后关系,先发生的一般用现在分词的完成式做状语,又因为是被动,所以应该是having been given. 
30. ---Dad, I don’t think he is the right sort of person for the job.
---I see. I’ll go right away and       .
pay him back	B.pay him off			C.put him away		D.put him off
30. B. 本题考察动词词组。A. pay sb. back意思为惩罚报复某人。B.pay sb. off意思为付清工资后解雇。C.收拾,整理。 D.推迟。
It was sad to me that they, so poor themselves,       bring me food.
might			B.would				C.should				D.could
31.C. “让我难为情的是,他们自己那么穷,竟然还要给我带吃的。”本题考察情态动词的用法。Should有竟然的意思,表惊讶。
I can’t meet you on Sunday. I’ll be       occupied.
also			B.just				C.nevertheless			D.otherwise
32.D. “周日没法来看你,我另外有事。”otherwise, 另外。
Legend has it that the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is to       the soul of Qu Yuan.
remember		B.remind				C.recover				D.recall
33. D. 本题考察动词词汇量。“传说端午节最初是为了给屈原招魂。”A.记住。B.提醒。C.康复,恢复。D.召回。
Good families are much to all their members, but         to none.
something		B.anything			C.everything			D.nothing
34.C. 优秀的家庭对于他们的成员来说意义重大,却不代表一切。
---         ! Somebody has left the lab door open.
---Don’t look at me.
A. Dear me		B. Hi, there			C. Thank goodness		D. Come on
35.A.本题考察交际用语。“谁最后走连实验室的门也没关!”A.表惊讶,天呢!B.大家好。C.谢天谢地。D. 用语鼓励或催促对方。

81. 阅读下面短文,并按照要求用英语写一篇150词左右的文章。
When we read newspapers, we often come across such English words as "AIDS" and "PK."When we watch TV, we frequently hear words like "NBA" or "PM2.5." When we speak, weautomatically use words like "OUT" or "Bye-bye." English words and expressions like these are getting popular. They have already become part of our daily language. And 239 English words have been included in the latest Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese.
The inclusion has started a heated discussion. A group of scholars signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of these English words, which, they think, goes against Chinese language policies. They not only worry that Chinese is borrowing an increasing number of English words but are alsoconcerned that the inclusion may hurt the dignity of the Chinese language. However, others are in favor of the inclusion because it is hard to say whether it will threaten the Chinese language. They believe the selection is mostly a result of their function and use in daily life.
(1)As the number of English learners is on the rise, it's not difficult for them to understand these words in Chinese contexts.
(2)With the number of English learners on the rise, it's not difficult for them to understand these words in Chinese contexts.
Today, more and more English words find their way into the Chinese language. Even theDictionary of Contemporary Chinese includes 239 English words. Some people support it whileothers do not.
Generally, I am in favour of the inclusion. As the number of English learners is on the rise, it's not difficult for them to understand these words in Chinese contexts.

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